Your First Thread


What is the first thread you have created on this forum? Mine was about role selection frustration.


My first 3 were closed right away cause they were already being discussed, missed them by like 2 hrs. So I consider this one my first:


No way I’m scrolling all the way back for it, but my first topic was a “Community Manager Appreciation Day” topic. :slight_smile:


Suck up lol



@Azmi_Anuar can you even scroll back that far? lol
You should time it :smiley: I’d be interested to know how long it takes to go through 636 Topics



My first one was a bug report/newb question. Had just bought Evolve on PC and was wildly confused. I’ve come so far since then.


The first one that wasn’t closed?


I’m not sure i ever have now that i think of it.

Then again, it’s very rare that I have anything of value to say about just about anything.


I was impressed that the devs hopped in my thread to discuss the topic. Before I just loved Evolve and then I loved TRS as well.


Nope LOL


Somethings I should address:

  • I was a complete asshole back then
  • I still love @TheMountainThatRoars’s name
  • Somehow this is still opened
  • My grammar sucked big crap back then


Few months after release, I love the game so much and couldn’t understand why people only complained about DLC and lack of content. It’s always bugged me, I love this game.


well at least my gifs are still dope.


My first was a bug report about Hank cancelling DOTs.


challenge accepted


My first topic was asking about what headset to buy.

I didn’t get any for a while, but in the end I bought a different pair than what was suggested to me :smile:


This is when I was looking for some people to replace my old ESL team.


My first topic was for the Medic Night Hunter Skin being released in the store. I found out that I enjoyed making a topic every week for the new store skin (I believe SomewhatAwesome was also doing this :stuck_out_tongue: ) so it became a normal thing. I miss doing that!