Your first evolve game (during closed alpha and big open beta only please)


I was on another thread where I gave a brief description of one of my first games pre-release, when no one had any clue what was going on. Looking back at it, it was some of the funniest/worst gameplay ever and I wish I still had the video of it. Anyone want to share their thoughts and videos looking back on pre-release evolve, and how compared to now, we were just chickens with our heads cut off? :slight_smile:

@maddcow I’m sure you have some!


My first game ever as Maggie.

My Second game ever and first time playing monster.

My third game ever and second time playing Maggie.

My 23rd game and first time ever playing Kraken.

I had issues with my FPS during the Big Alpha and fixed the settings enough in the 3rd game.


You put 3 points in charge. Enough said lol.


Charge Leap was a decent meta choice early on. The shotgun build :stuck_out_tongue: The Beta changed enough to make things better. I remember FB got buffed from the Big Alpha if I recall. A couple other things of note is that putting 3 points in skills back then made a HUGE difference compared to just 2. Charge went like 100%, 118% to ~150ish%

The worst is watching me try my traversal on Goliath the first few times :stuck_out_tongue: I thought it was like L4Ds Hunter that has the arc already included, you just aim high.


Literally my first ever game of Evolve.

It pains me to watch these old games back. XD


Haha this and watching no orbitals or harpoons go off is exactly what I mean. Thanks for sharing.

And yes I believe they used to add way more damage with points. Its just funny to watch lol. Makes me want to uninstall and reinstall offline so I can do comparison videos without the updates.


Release had a bunch of changes between Big Alpha and Beta. For instance I believe they added more evolve bars (3) on release compared to Big Alpha. Also, striders no longer gave 3 evolve bars :frowning:


I can only go back to release evolve on Xbox. :,(

I believe that elite reaver gave you 2 meats as well lol.


It was all reavers.


Is there any way to get the old beta leader boards? From the consoles and pc? Jus to look at those old “best of the blind” numbers.


That was just my easy way of pinpointing where I for sure saw it. :wink:


Wouldn’t work. You could quit and not take a death/loss. So the leaderboards were even more innacurate


I just wanted to see them. Lolz not for braggin rights


Never said it was for bragging rights lol. Just take a 150-0 with a grain of salt :slight_smile:


Big alpha.
1st game.
watched a ton of gameplay vids so i think i’m good.
pick goliath.
sneak right from the beginning.
eat a strider.
game crashes after 30 seconds and servers remain unavailable for the rest of the alpha.


My first Evolve game was the Tutorial :stuck_out_tongue:

I see the parentheses I just wanted to say this :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue:


My first match was terrible! So many mistakes, missed abilities…what a mess. Although, the hunters weren’t much better.


My first game was ok. I made a few mistakes, but so did the hunters as you’d expect. I ended up winning fairly quickly after reaching stage 2. I think everyone had fun which is the most important part. Everyone was on the same level during the big alpha so you weren’t completely stomped much so there were more close games because of it.


My first Evolve match as a monster was horrible, All I remember is that I decided to evolve in front of Hank… bad idea, bad idea.

Nevertheless, as a hunter the first character that I played was Hank and I killed the monster with an orbital :stuck_out_tongue:


First game ever was as Goliath. Fusion Plant. I sat in a bush literally the whole game, day one of the beta. I thought I couldn’t go ANYWHERE near birds, so I avoided them like the plague. I think I barely filled up my armor. I never got to S2, and I ran out the timer thinking I’d win. I was wrong.