Your favourite tier of hunters


So basicly what was your favourite tier(group) of Hunters?
Was it tier 1 with Markov and Val and others
Or tier 2 with Lazarus and Hyde
Or tier 3 with the newest revealed Hunters Cabot and others
I personaly love second tier of hunters :slight_smile:


I think, overall, T1 are my favorite. I think Hank and Markov are really solid. Maggies harpoon turrets are amazing. And Val is a decent medic. I mostly like that she has lots of utility.

That being said though, I like Griffin overall more than Maggie. I like Laz more than Val, but I think overall T1 is a very solid composition.


:monster: :goliath_roar: :kraken_stare:


I like T1 too but than, after alpha i star ted to like T2 more :slight_smile:


Haha, :monster: ftw!


T2 is for me with Griffin and Bucket


As far as charatcers, not talking about gameplay, I’d pick Tier 2. Bucket and Hyde are two of my favorite characters. As far as gameplay, I love Tier 3. A lot of high risk/high reward hunters and interesting play styles brough to the table. Seems I’m the oddball.


I like a lot of the T3 hunters, but it’s hard to gauge them without playing them. Even after watching tons of videos, my expectations of what classes I enjoyed changed a lot more than I thought I would after playing the Big Alpha.


Wait… Is Griffin tier 1 or 2? I thought he was tier 1?


@DHZ He was but they changed it :smile:
Now he is tier 2 :trapper:
They thought that its better to have Maggie as a first trapper because of Daisy :daisy:


Tier 3 is my conceptual favorite, even though i’ve yet to play it. I feel like I would like every single T3 character the most except for maybe the medic. While she seems fun, I really like the way Val plays. The thing I like the most about all of the T3 hunters is that they all have abilities that are useful for chasing and tracking, while many of the hunters in the previous tier did not. I always found the actual search for the monster to be quite boring unless I was playing griffin or val.


Naturally you would think I would pick Tier 2 because of Bucket but I think I’m going to have to shock you and say Tier 3!

While Bucket may be my favourite character out of all the tiers, the first two only had a couple of characters I wanted to play as but so far, I REALLY want to play as all characters in the third tier. Using Cabot’s rail gun and damage amplifier, Caira’s healing grenades are a really cool concept and so are the napalm ones, I really like the idea behind Abe’s tracking darts and I can’t wait to use it often! And now with the reveal of Parnell, I’m reaaaally looking forward to causing some damage with his rocket launcher and “Super Soldier” ability.

So in conclusion, I really want to get the chance to play as all of the Tier 3 hunters. It’s even changing up my preference list because of them too!


I can’t tell you my favorite, but I can tell you my least favorite -> Tier 2


Eh tier 2 might have a bit too much awesome in it for some people :wink:


T3 seems awesome and harder to play as, so I’ma go with T3 and then secondly T2


As a monster player I really enjoyed fighting t2 but my favorite hunter is Griffin


Think I’m going to vote for Tier 1.

Tier 2 I’d have to run Hyde/Griffon to be sure. If I can become consistent with getting a monster pinned with 2 to 3 of Maggie’s Harpoons, then definitely Tier 1.


T3 b/c more difficult but more rewarding on all 4 characters. out of T2 Laz and Bucket (and Griffin over Maggie, but Abe over Griffin) and T1 I still love Val.

Though if I could start as Caira and Cabot, I would work my way up to tier one in reverse order instead : 3


Tier one for me but maybe that’s because I feel like I’ve known them the longest?

I do have to admit that I like this new Medic though.


Tier3 =>Trapper
Abe :smiley: