Your Favourite Hunter Conversation / Dialoge since T5


We know every1 love the Talkshow of the Hunters They are to funny ( Jack and Bucket the Most ) TRS did a awesome Job whit this

What is ur Favourit ?

My fav is if u try to revive Abe as Lennox
She says : " ABE STAND UP U ASS " ( or something like this i hv heard it in German )

I must Laught so hard first time i hv heard it xD


I didn’t understand a word you said.



We know everyone loves the Hunter’s dialogue. They are too funny (especially Bucket and Jack’s dialogue), and TRS did an awesome job with it.

What is your favorite?

My favorite is Lennox’s dialogue when she attempts to revive Abe. She says, “Abe, get up you ass!” (or something similar to this, as I have only heard it in German).

I must have laughed so hard the first time I heard it! :joy:

I’m pretty sure their first language is German, so don’t be too hard on them.


Sniped by @Rapterran on my response, so I’ll just put some links here instead


REALLY ? Damn my English is Very Bad -.- I think drawing is the only thing i can good xD


You do pretty well with your English. I can understand you.

Also, you’re an AMAZING drawer.

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Macht nix, Grammatik ist ja auch ganz anders :wink:



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