Your favourite Dropship conversation


3 Words: Grilled Canyon Eels. By far (so far) my favorite drop convo I can’t wait to finally get in game with the new hunters :smiley:


guys srsly salge and canyon eels as favorite?

maybe i heared them to often but they only annoy me


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Every once in a while I get to bust out some Epic Fantasy stuff and I love it. That was one of my favorite things to write.


Keep up the good work please :slight_smile:

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My favourite was (and probably still is) Hyde and Cabot’s talk about what Hyde’s gonna do and how he’s gonna do it. But I just heard one I’d not heard before yesterday, Val talking to Griffin about the movie where he was on Vega 9(?) then realising her child self has left some unrealistic expectations of reality on her memory. It was such a cute conversation.


I agree with @Bzuk


The very first time, I was like, ehh okay. Now I think it’s too funny

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WHaT!? i must hear this. Was this new dialogue that came with the patch?


What? Are u saying Gobi is wearing a mind control helmet?


Did caira actually say that last part?


I have absolutely no idea, I only heard it because we had Laz, Hyde and 2 new trappers, though someone told me it was an old one, but who knows? I heard Caira and maggie the other day for the first time talking about how Daisy was sick and Caira would fix her up.


sadly not… yet


Frank is a strong name.


Is there a lot of new dialog for the ‘old’ hunters with this update? Never heard the one between Laz and Hyde, or Val talking about seeing a movie starring Griffin.


I need to hear both of these dialogues. XD


I think a good way of trying to hear them is pick Laz and Hyde with 2 new hunters, and then pick Caira and Maggie with 2 new trappers in SP games :smiley:

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Thnku for the advice, magical toliet lady


No problem bro. c:


ah, so u are actually a girl. Wasnt sure if u were or not, i just assumed u were cause part of ur name is wraith


Eh, my profile states I’m clearly a grill. =)

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