Your favourite Dropship conversation


So what is your favourite dropship conversation?

Mine is one of the new ones:

Torvald: Mmmmmm.
Crow: Yeah.
T: What?
C: I don’t know…
T: Uhm.
C: Sniff
slight pause
T: Good talk.

Your Favourite Hunter Conversation / Dialoge since T5

Love that one. Also, the one where Sunny decided to buy Torvald a puppy…


My favorite is the one where slim talks about losing his friends in the war.
the feels.


“Do not get me a puppy.”

I really like the conversation between Hyde and Laz, and Hyde pretty much says that if anyone ever calls Laz a freak they’ll have his boot shoved far up their private quarters. xD


“Totally getting you a puppy.”

I love that one myself.


The one where Crow talks about how Gobi has his mind control helmet to/with Sunny.


I like the one about Crow and his Little Brother with Sunny.


The one with with Cabot and Hyde which ends in: imma shoot that fucking monster in his fucking monsterface with my fucking flamethrower


Damn, you stole mine :laughing:


Out of the new ones, anything that involves slim talking about the war/Gen 1s/2s


Between Griffin and Bucket, about the light on his shoulder, the fact that bucket has no clue what it is and some algorithms “object” to his presence.



Its griffin, not hank


because I already posted one. OMG THIS ONE… xD im dying… xD


Nah, got Haxx0r software to play two supports at the same time :slight_smile:

Thanks, fixed!


I got you bruh
fades back into shadows


Caira - Markov

“What kind of suit is that?”
“Did you just tell me to fuck off in Martian?”
“Space And Low Gravity Environment.”
“Ahh, you were an orbital welder.”
“And you were a scientist. A biologist.”
“Um. I’d like to think I still AM a scientist.”
“Your grenade launcher, is that a scientist’s weapon? No.”


We are soldiers now
Our country is battle
Our language?


What I write, is the only part I liked. xD


But its soooo badassss