Your Favorite Youtuber!


I wanted to talk about some of the youtubers. I also wanted to talk about some of our favorite youtubers.
I’ll start with mine. Some are youtubers I like to watch are: ihascupquake, FusionzGamer, @SomeWhatAwesome games, which is on this forum, and my above all favorite Markiplier. Now out of all the gaming youtubers out there, I just can’t stand PewDiePie. I don’t now why. Hey, that rhymes. Anyway, it’s just is humor and how he talks. I can’t really watch Pewds because he talks about… Go watch some of his videos and you’ll see. I might get banned or get my post tooken down if I say it directly. I really can’t watch his videos when he plays horror games. His stupid jokes ruin it and it makes it feel like his reactions are just fake.

But with Markiplier, the experience feels way more real and his reactions. He talks off topic but doesn’t over use it like how PewDiePie does. He does make jokes but Mark knows when and how to stop using them.
Mark is without doubt in my book, good at horror games. His reactions are real and you can tell. Oh, and when Pewds does off topic videos like goofing off in his house, he sorta good with that but he foucuses way to much on weird humor. Mark his more funny and doesn’t just rely on everyone to laugh at him but the actual video title itself. I hope a bunch PewDiePie fans don’t get mad at me for saying this stuff.

And that’s another thing, PewDiePie’s fans. They are mindless drones that defend him no matter what. Not all of them, just most of them.

Now to Ihascupquake. I like ihascupquake videos because she’s one of the really laid back youtubers. Not to overtop but just the right amount. And watching her play horror games, playing regular games, their usually funny and enjoyable to watch.

Now to FusionZGamer. He awesome and really enjoyable. He plays horror games, rpg, shooters, I think, and yeah. I know he’s awesome but I can’t really sum him up the well :confused:

And Now, Finally, last but not least is SomeWhatAwesomeGames. Do I even need to explain why this is here. He plays Evolve and is on this forum right now. He plays all sorts of games and I still watch him to this very day.

That’s it. Tell me who your favorite Youtuber is(The ones in the list) in the Comments!
Tell me what you think of all these Youtubers!


I really like Jacksepticeye, Markimoo, and Pewds isn’t all to bad either. Those are my main 3, with a lot of other, more specialized ones




Who’s markimoo?


markiplier some people call him that I think he was called that in a vid somewhere


You’re a fan of Markiplier yet don’t know what “Markimoo” is?

######I kid :heart:


Vanoss and @GrizzleMarine



You know


MXR is best youtuber. Followed by Happyhour, Mans1ay3r, ExplosmEntertainment, and Rooster Teeth.


Oh, ok. You mean that funny nickname. I thought he meant someone else. Like a diferent youtuber.


DashieGames is #1
He swears a lot but he is absolutely funny, his videos are awesome!
VanossGaming and the rest of the crew I love as well! They are hilarious!!!


I love somewhat awesome games aswell, he is my all time favourite. His humor is really funny and his voice is always so calming, love watching him when I am stressed because it makes me so relaxed and he really makes me happy. And I learn so much gameplay from him aswell, he does things his own way and I find that really interesting.

I am also a PewDiePie fan, and I know that some people feel that he is annoying and his humor is not funny, and I am not blaming them at all because everyone likes different things. I guess I like him so much because I am also Swedish and I understand his weird humor and when he says things in swedish, and it’s really funny for me. But I have to agree a bit because sometimes it can get too much and it’s not always funny :slightly_smiling:

I don’t really know who more to say, I really like GrizzleMarine aswell because he comes up with so many good speculations and that, but other than that I only watch ‘‘non-famous’’ people who play Evolve or other games :slightly_smiling:


Yeah, somewhatawesomegames really does have his own ways of doing stuff. Like his own playstyle and stands out from the crowd. And yeah, I don’t flat out hate pewds, I do watch some of his videos and enjoy them. But yeah, finally a PewDiePie fan that doesn’t hate them for their opinion. And you actually see the other way around. Most PewDiePie fans I met go nuts if you say the slightest thing negative about him.


Theres more but i dont wanna spam pictures

Anybody else know who these dudes are?


No. This better not the Fine Bro$$ if so #unsubsubscribebros


I like to watch Jerma985 and STAR_

Anyone heard of them?


I don’t watch a lot of YouTube gamers but when I do I like to watch dashy and thegaminglemon.


I love those guys! Hilarious those two!


I’ve got a few but they’re in seperate categories so. Yeah.

ShoddyCast makes some great stuff about the lore in various game series that I am totally not obsessed with and I can stop playing them any time I want to I swear.

If I’m looking for comedy in gaming, there’s a big list depending on the flavor I’m interested in.
Loud Comedy - JackSepticEye
Buddy Comedy - Game Grumps
’Mature’ Comedy - LetsPlay (Which is for Achievement Hunter from Rooster Teeth)
Straight-Talk Commentary Comedy - Accursed Farms

And of course, there’s some times when you just need a giggle and a smile from a fella that’s figured out the secrets to living life like a boss. If that’s what you need…

…Zach Anner has you covered.


I got a lot.

You are not a friend of mine unless you watch SovietWomble, and that is a fact.

I watch SeaNanners, and almost everyone who’s associated with that - Hutch, Sark, Vanoss etc.

Out of which I have a sweet spot for Minx. No clue why either. Also that sounded weird.

Then there’s the obvious “I waste time watching jacksfilms”.

And the final contestant: