Your favorite thing to do in evolve


So what is everyones favorite thing to do while playing evolve? My favorite thing is landing rock throws on flying hunters and see how far I can launch them across the map. They go extra far if you get an incap when it hits them! I think my long distance record was when I launched Val about 75 meters away when I hit her with a rock that incapped her and we were on top of a tall cliff.


landing 5 man aftershocks. (DAISY)

and same with rock throw. last hunter is target practice. I say “walk ye plank” and let them get some distance so i can yell " KOBE" and nail them in the back lolol.


Using a rocket launcher to knock Daisy over.


My favorite thing to do in evolve is messing with my friends.
Parnell: hey, you guys wanna hear a joke
Everyone: no, shut up
Parnell: Tells corny as all hell joke
Me: jumps into tyrant pit Stop Dies


Punishing Abe’s with Cabot/Hank, you will learn through an ass beating young hunters


As Goliath or Hyde:


Right now, stacking bucket turrets on top of eachother to make a tower of doom. Might not be the most effective set up, but it sure is beautiful.


Haha I didn’t know you could do that! I know what I’m doing next then.


Being the monster is enough for me, playing as a giant animal ready to rip into the flesh of my enemies makes my mouth water for more!! >:)


Drop a gallon of LSD from a milk jug


Being Val in Solo Evacuation Mode.
No swapping unless Incapped.
It feels like Hard Mode.


Fighting at level 1 as Goliath. People never expect you to turn and fight.


ive been able to do it while still just standing on the ground, might have to jetpack a little though. its definitely possible, or I got a special copy of evolve.


Could we have a screenshot of it ? Sounds amazing :smiley: !


What else?



What do you mean?


eh, The Host is a console peasant, don’t really know if I can take a respectable screenshot and transfer it here.


Idk yet but I’m working on it. O.o


stalk the hunters while they stalk me


Nibble on faces.