Your favorite skin for each character

Title. Just your favorite skin for each character, monsters and hunters.

Personally I love Predator on every Medic but Slim, where I’m torn between it and Arctic.
On Supports, elite skins are all I have. :stuck_out_tongue:
Assaults, same goes.
Trappers? Crow, Arctic. Griffin, Arctic. Abe or Maggie, PRedator.

Goliath, Frostbite or Albino.
Wraith or Kraken, Cosmic.
Behemoth, elite. Looks like a grilled cheese. XD



Nice topic. Surprised someone hasn’t thought of this yet. :open_mouth:

I won’t list every Hunter with every skin. Just some of my personal favorites.

Slim - Predator (that blue healing bug :heart_eyes: )
Laz - Pheonix (The way the flames dance up the fingers of the Revivifier)
Hank - Leviathan (The blue matches the shield)
Sunny - Arcitc (like her white Shield Drone)
Maggie - Blood Eagle (Daisy is pretty boss looking with red and white)
Hyde - Elite of course (Goldie & I’m the Fuckin King :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: )
Markov - Ragnarok (His mines say “War” on the button - that’s a nice touch)
Crow - Arctic (That white Gobi is cute af)
Griffin - Elite (Those golden-tipped harpoons as sick)

Goliath - Cosmic, Tiger, Elite (screw stealth - I wanna look fabulous while caving in the Hunter’s skulls)
Kraken - F*ck him… :unamused:
Wraith - I am torn between Elite and Voodoo (That white Wraith looks pretty cool but the bones on the voodoo are downright menacing)
Behemoth - Elite is the only one I have for him


Oh my god yes, Arctic Gobi is BLOODY ADORABLE. :stuck_out_tongue:

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Maggie - night hunter. Makes fatty look cool

Goliath: cosmic (I call him fagliath lovingly)

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Also approve of this skin


Stole it from the new gif thread


That GIF was funny at first but it creeps me out now. I don’t like that arms come out of his eyes. I can’t look at that anymore. :persevere:

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I love you. Never change.

Not trying to impress you or anythin, but uh, “sniff”(casual nose wipe) I totally phrased it like that for you.


You get my seal of approval. :thumbsup:

Bucket- Leviatan skin, I look so epic with it :blush:
Hyde- Monarch skin
Trappers- Elite skin
Medics- Also elite skin
Wraith- Voodoo skin
Behemoth- Sandstone skin

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Caira - Phoenix
Lazarus - Night Hunter
Slim - Predator

Bucket - Predator
Cabot - Night Hunter
Sunny - Elite

Maggie - Night Hunter
Griffin - Bushman or Night Hunter

Hyde - Any of them, but I use Monarch & Night Hunter the most
Parnell - Night Hunter or Ragnarok
Lennox - Default :laughing:

Also I’m literally dying @ the grilled cheese Behemoth comment

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He really does though! His skin becomes like white bread, the red fleshy bits in between is like the tomato sauce/ketchup or tomato slices, and the magma dripping is like melted cheese! He’s delicious!

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  • Val: Savoir.
  • why doesn’t it come with pink beams…!?
  • Laz: the firery skin
  • Caira: Predator
  • Slim: Predator


  • Everyone gets an Arctic skin. Yay!! Predator is meh.


  • Maggie: I can’t decide too many good Daisy skins.
  • Griffin: Arctic and the white and red skins are good.
  • Abe: Maneater.
  • Crow: Night Hunter.


  • Markov: the Arctic skin already looks fly.
  • Hyde: nighthunter.
  • Parnell: victory.
  • Lennox: victory.


  • Goliath: I don’t have one but Cosmic skin is the most fabulous Monster skin.
  • Kraken: Wendigo kraken is life.
  • space pickachu and Murica kraken came close though.

  • Wraith: Clownfish. But savage comes close.
  • Behemoth: None, they’re all disgracefully lazy recolored versions of one another. So no, default skin is the only real skin Behemoth has.
  • My Behemoth don’t, my Behemoth don’t want none unless you got actually reskins TRS. OH MY GOD. LOOK AT THAT ROCK WALL, L-L-LOOK AT THAT ROCK WALL.

Goliath - Voodoo, because skin is OP
Kraken - Voodoo, because skin is OP
Wraith - Voodoo, because skin is OP
Sonic the Hedgehog - Glacial skin, because otherwise he’d just be Bob

Maggie - Night hunter, because Daisy looks soooo adorable in that skin.

Caira - Night hunter and Phoenix skin

Supports - I like the leviathan skins a lot

Trappers - Probably night hunter on all of them

Assault - The victory skins look really cool on them

You spelled “Medics” wrong ;3

Oh yeah, well you know me :stuck_out_tongue:

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I am a big fan of the supports’ night hunter skins. They are all I use on them. Except for sunny of course. On her I actually use her default skin so that her weapons match her little robot arm-thing.

Behemoth elite looks like a giant psoriasis patch. If there was a pink skin for it though…

Trapper is maneater everything and monster(even though I don’t play monster I still bought the skins) is cosmic everything. There needs to be more pink/purple skins. Imagine that on Hyde’s flamethrower.

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