Your favorite Gorgon hiding spots? >:D


Gorgon with her wallstick can hide pretty well, so what kind of places have you picked? Mine:

Found these by accident. :3 Your turn. :smile:


Whaaaaaaaaaaa Howww?


This is more of a theory since I don’t know if you can get to the spots in question, but I am looking forward to latching onto the holes in the caves of BH Mine.


Is she out??? :open_mouth:


She’s been out since 3 Central time…


I’ve only played a few games as her, but I legitimately haven’t used her wall-cling once.


HOLY CRAP!!! I had no idea!!! The patch notes said she wasn’t released yet!!!


I’m #2 in the world ps4 with 6 Wins XD

Shes fun against bad teams, but against good teams, she just doesn’t do enough damage.


Shiiiiit why do I have to work right now???


Because you have a life??


I personally don’t like Gorgon’s abilities, not Gorgon herself, but her abilities. The Gorgon herself is badass, her abilities just aren’t bursty enough for me.


She’s more of an ambush predator than Goliath or Behemoth. Mimic does a rather great amount of damage however.


My favorite hiding spot is in the lobby :slight_smile:


I don’t like them at all, they feel kinda meh to use IMO. :<


Every monster has that one ability for me that feels kind of meh.

Charge, Aftershock, Decoy, Tongue Grab, and now Websnare.


All Gorgon’s abilities feel meh to me. ;-; Acid Spray less so, but still.

The only thing I love about her, and I do love it, is her wallstick and wallpounce.


Yeah, but you can’t ambush a hunter team at the relay lol


To be honest I’d not even mind fighting an S3 full health full armor Gorgon at a relay, there’s really nothing it can do. Mimic? Ech, just casually take it down. Spider Trap, lol, pick it off in two seconds. Acid Spray? Excuse me while I move. Websnare? Ok, how helpful to you.


I would say that Gorgon is easiest the worst damaging monster in the game right now. Mimic only works against bad teams. Same with spider trap.

I played a game earlier where a Behemoth took damage reduction and purely rolled with 65% less damage. Rolled us into a corner and went ham.


That’s disappointing she’s easy to take down. I figured she’s be bad at Relay fights.