Your Favorite EvolveTuber?


Topic- Your personal favorite EvolveTuber. Uploader of Evolvideos, Slayer of Monsters, Head Chef of Hunterville.

Personally I enjoy Ghostrobo, despite his ineptitude. He has a very charming and warm personality, and his gameplay is amusing.

There are a few other good ones, but IMO the God pf Evolvideos is MaddCow. Those final stands at the Power Relays were really exciting, and his 168 vids are all thats keeping me alive till February.
Keep up the good work!

Now, what are YOUR favorite EvolveTubers and why?


I probably have to say Ghostrobo as well, he’s not the best but he’s not bad. He does have a number of videos out, more on evolve than the other youtubers I watch and he does explain what he’s doing and why.
Also he is getting the word of evolve out there so that’s good.

If it was favourite streamer from the alpha (besides the official one) I’d probably say Sacriel, though he did get beaten a few times by 3bx


Ghostrobo gave me cancer watching him play evolve


Ghost robo is good, he has decent commentary even if he gets some facts wrong (I think I would as well if I was trying to comment and ah) Maddcow has some good monster games (haven’t checked out his hunter games yet) but he wins every time so there isn’t much variety there :stuck_out_tongue:
The ign ones made me realize that Ign sees playing the game as only a job and that makes me feel sorry for them
Beyond those and the livestreams I haven’t seen too many


definitely @MaddCow 's. I must have watched all his Lazarus video’s at least 10 times…


By now i just watch the livestreams. Those guys playing there are much more in the game and know how to play and WHY they play how they play.

Most youtubers are very entertaining like ghostrobo and co. But to go deep in the game (and without small mistakes) i found the livestreams works best for me


TRS Livestreams, @GentlemanSquirl streams, @MaddCow, then Ghostrobo.


Awwww thanks guys :slight_smile: I’m hoping to get some more videos up from the Beta to help stem the tide until release. I’m also thinking that I’m close to getting a team for the tournament down and I’ve been receiving a lot of messages of people wanting to play with me. So I think I might bounce around the community for a few hours and join in some games with you guys.


TRS and @Maddcow’s. Ghostrobo’s make me want to implode.


I call Dibs on opening day!


Ghostrobo definately, not just because he has some skill, but also because he makes great comentary. Its as much fun to listen to him go on about “toast you peanut butter jelly” while using goliaths fire breath, as it is to see a players strategies and tactics. He definately influenced my decision to pre-order Evolve in a good way.


Peirspryce ^^
Even if there’re only few videos…


I like Ghostrobo’s commentary but his game play is ‘meh’. I enjoyed @MaddCow’s vides a lot and of course the Twitch videos from 2K and TRS are the best!


Wow thanks for all the wonderful remarks. I think I might have to focus a good chunk of my channel for Evolve. I was going to do that anyway, but maybe Evolve will be one of my main game series I post videos for. Thanks everyone :slight_smile:


I’m down to play against some MaddCow teams on start; Some good warmup ;]


Can’t be bad to do so hehe. Evolve is, to me anyways, one of those games that, while not as fun to watch as it is to play, is still far more entertaining to watch than just about anything else I can think of off the top of my head… DOTA2 puts me to sleep (Fun to play, but not so much watching. Just too slow for my tastes to just sit and view), things like CoD or Counter Strike are usually a bit TOO fast paced to enjoy watching (You either get killed too fast to know what just happened, or they killed before any kind of struggle was presented (Rare exceptions, ofc). Evolve seems to fit that middle ground with me perfectly!

But then, that’s just me. I get the feeling I’ll always enjoy watching a random game even from folks I haven’t met. It’s exciting to see how others play and apply their tactics to the game and actually see the results (Good or bad hehe) instead of it taking half an hour to start any action, or being over in a handful of seconds.

Hell, I think I may even post some vids. Had a blast with friends on Big Alpha and really wished I had recorded those. Even if we lost multiple times in a row we were all laughing and having a blast.

Even w/o friends, pub games were far greater than I could have ever hoped for in regards to players actually willing to work together and it’s nice to have folks talking to each other and not have it be a massive rage fest. Little bit of complaining, but eh, that’s nothing hehe… though years of the WoW community likely had it’s part in lowering my expectations, I suppose :wink:

In any case, I may have to peruse the bulk of your videos, @MaddCow, you’ve got quite the collection there! And until the Beta when I can see yall in game, I suppose it could help itch that It’s-Almost-Here scratch :smiley:

As far as my favorite 'Tuber, GhostRobo is likely top for me. He may not be the best around (In fact I’m fairly sure by a few of his Kraken Vids that he may not know Kraken can go higher than 10 feet in the air hehe), but his commentary is tolerable, and entertaining. Every time I see one of his vids, it just makes me want to get a new mic though… my current one makes my voice sound a bit… I guess Sharp would be the right word I think hehe. That or I just hate my voice over mic :wink:


I think everyone hates their own voice, regardless of mic or recording device :stuck_out_tongue:


Since I found @MaddCow 's channel from one of the posts on the forums I’ve been watching the raw footage playlist (currently around hour 3 of video 5), and I really do enjoy his videos. I will say one minor gripe I’ve started having though: it would be nice if he separated the videos by “playing with a team” and “playing with pugs”, because the one’s when he is with a team are wonderful. The one’s where he is just pugging it are either just stomping on helpless hunters or a showcase of pug ineptitude (favorite one had to be the assault that shot at the monsters foot prints and Daisy while the rest of the team was dead, name was something to do with being high so that probably explains it) and usually devolves into just being frustrated with pugs.
-Edit- Wow I am blind, just saw your post under this Cow and I did miss the premade group playlist.


I have my raw footage videos chopped up into playlists if you don’t mind missing the commentary ‘between’ games. I’ve organized them from Hunter/Monster specific as well as the playlist with our 4 man team. 31 games I believe on that playlist.


Can you try and mix up your strategy during the Beta for us? I know that you prefer staying at stage 2 with the monster but I want to see you smash the hunters at stage 1 or 3 more often.