Your Favorite Animal?


What’s your favorite animal? For me it’s the Snow Leopard.

These guys are awesome! Besides that, they’re also my fursona, so I have this connection with them. They’re also adorable!

So what’s your favorite animal?



Real animals, or mythology as well?


Any animal.


Taco Cat.

Or a Pangolin.


Pandas. Always Pandas.


Reptiles is general. Crocodiles, Lizards, turtles/tortoises, but snakes and dragons are even better. Have one as pet as well (a snake that is :joy:)


Secretary Birds! :smile:


I’ve never seen those birds. They look awesome!


They trample snakes :frowning:


Yeah, I finally got to see one irl a year ago! They’re so cool and goofy. (Especially when they splay out their head quills) :grin:

Unfortunately yeah, I don’t like it either but a birds gotta eat ya know? :pensive:


my favorite is the human! they’re so intelligent!


Chameleons!! I…FUCKING…LOVE’EM!!


The Peregrine Falcon!



You don’t even need words


A three way tie between sharks, alligators or sneks


S.A.S huh? Telling us something?


I’m torn between a Timber Wolf, a Leopard, and a Panther. For wolves, I work great in teams, like them. I’m stealthy like a leopard. And Panthers just look cool. I can’t decide. BTW, @BearStream, that Red Panda was cute. Wonder if anybody else knew what that animal was…


Who doesn’t know what a Red Panda is?