Your Evolve App Hunter Builds


Just thought I’d start a thread on what everyone’s favorite Hunter build is on the App.

I’m currently in chapter 4 and I’m using:
Markov: Those friggin mines are amazing. And the Lightning gun delaying he enemy turn is really nice.
Abe: Stasis grenades have saved my team many a time getting several heals at once.
Val: Was a close tie with Caira. I like Caira’s healing a lot better than Val’s, but the Tranq Dart is really good once you level it up.
Cabot: The. Freaking. Man. He single handedly wins me every match. His damage amplifier is a 1 hit kill on everything I’ve encountered so far. So much so, that if they were going to “nerf” something in this app (which I’m not caling for), it would be this.

So what does everyone else use/like?