Your Dragon and Your Butterfly


@SledgePainter @MaddCow this one is for you. Hope you enjoy.

A Dragon and a Butterfly. What do they have in common? What purpose do they share? What is their reason to be? The simple answer, they were made and born that way. The complex answer goes much deeper. The complex answer gives detail and attention to all who ask. The complex answer is the meaning.

What do they have in common?
They are connected. They are not one entity however. They still work and think dependently but their actions and thoughts are together. As a Dragon flies so does the Butterfly. Both with great grace and majesticness. Both pulsate their wings differently, but in the same beat. They bring wonder to the eyes of children and happiness to the concerns of adults. They both bring signs of hope and signs of celebration. Both bring only the best of memories and joyest of thoughts. Both make the place we live in better and wondrous.

What purpose do they share?
To bring light and joy to the hearts of those who know them. To be the best that they can be. To be the most majestic and fascinating creatures in this world and the next. To change the skies from the grey of death to the red of life. To change grounds from the brown of hopelessness to the black of reflection and recalaction. To change seas from the black of despair to the blue of care and hope. They change our lives around us. They change them to the better for the better and to celebrate a life worth living.

What is their reason to be?
To be the best they can be and to make everyone else feel the need to live. To help and aid. To guide and protect. To serve and be just. To be there when the lights go out. To be there when you find yourself trapped in the corner, hunched and afraid of your past. To be your friend. To be the one that tells you everything is going to be ok. To tell you what to do when you’re confused. To love and care for everyone they encounter. To bring hope. To bring words of advice and thoughts to keep you going. To give you a reason to live. To be what they were meant to be. To be leaders. To be protectors. To be the wise man sitting on the mountain top. To be the best helpers. To be them. To be us. To make we. To be the Dragon that fights for you. To be the Butterfly that brings you love. To be your wings. To be your feet. To be the voice that fights back. To be your Dragon. To be your Butterfly.


You’re very talented at writing @Crowdalra, I’ve read all of these so far, they’re fantastic!!!


As always, looking for feed back to enhance my writing. @RickSanchez since you liked it, got any thoughts?


See, I’m not just an Angry Bovine :smiley:


Nope. A Ninja Dragon would be the correct term I believe.



I’m no writer, and your writing style is so unique that I’m not sure there’s anything to critique!! I caught a few spelling errors, but those are inevitable when you’re typing a lot. (I caught a couple of Matthews in his Kala story, but I’m just nit-picky :stuck_out_tongue: )
I like your style a lot, not only are they short stories, they sound like poems when I read them in my head. I really enjoy reading them. :smile:


I try my best to be symbolic and poetic. Everyone says that my writing style is unique and that’s the best compliment I like to hear! Tells me that I’m like no other.

Taking Requests! (Have me make a story for you)

I do appreciate your writing. I wish I could say more right now but I’ve been having a rough time and, well, this does pick me up but I am still pretty not myself so I hope you forgive me for not replying more. I’ll save this for later though when I am in better spirits.


I’m glad it helped you. Sorry to hear you aren’t doing well.


This one made me miss seeing @Pythios.
Where are you friend


Someone say my name?


This sounds like me. If I can be honest. Or what I’d like to be.

But this is simply not always an option. One must still focus on themselves in order to stay functional. Which kinda sucks, but eh. You don’t get paid to be a friend like that.


That’s not the point of the paragraph. It’s my interpretation of them. It’s my view and my thought.


Of course. I’m simply giving my thoughts on the subject matter. Commenting more on the content rather than the quality of writing itself.

As much as I’d love to be that, it’s highly unlikely to do such a thing. After all, people can take advantage of those people.

In my case, I’d be willing to sacrifice too much to help people. So I’d be dragging myself down to help others. But I still view it as worth it, as that’s how I am.

And what’s funny, is that I’d like to be a dragon. Haha.

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