Your Closest games


What are the closest games you have played in Evolve?

These two are my most recent ones:

I was Tiger Goliath and was near death. The only two Hunters left were WLM and Kala, both close to death. But the Hunters retuned in the dropship and I started to win, as they were on two strikes. But the Kala player used her Armor Reducer, and I died. The Kala player was on fire with the Reducer. Makes me glad I went against my gut about doing FT3 or not.
You can see the full match in Episode 114 of my Evolve series starting at 43:13 and ending at 1:00:32.

The second was today, I was Hornet Wraith. Early when I fought at Stage 1, I ran into two Arc Mines which took away nearly half of my health. When I was domed, I still fought, but as soon as it went down, I escaped. I reached Stage 3, and then the fun started. It was just a bunch of hit and runs involving me almost winning but I ended up having to retreat. In the end I destroyed the relay.

You can see the full match in episode 115 of my Evolve series on YT.

Let's Share Our BEST Matches
Let's Share Our BEST Matches



The one where some cheap casuals took advantage of me getting stuck on a rock as Goliath.

They shot at me for 10 seconds straight after they realized I was stuck, even dropped an Orbital Barrage. Ouch.
But then I let the bot take over for a second to get unstuck and after that I regained control and whooped their asses despite having lost 90% of my health to that bug.


I played a game as Caira. The monster was stage three with only… maybe half a bar left. He had killed everyone but Hank and I and went to destroy the last small chunk of the relay.

Without even thinking (and without a Support because their jet pack was on recharge) I initiated my Acceleration Boost and ran after the monster, catching him right as he began pounding the relay. With my napalm launcher in hand, I knew it was me… or the Goliath, and I fired without hesitation. He fled as soon as my grenades began to strike and died as they burned him to cinders.

Assault Caira was born.


I just had a close one last night! Check it out-


When I was Parnell, the only Hunter left and kraken and I were at a 1-hit kill, then a reaver slapped my back. I cried. :sob:


First game I lost as Monster came down to the fact that I died before my rock connected with their assault. He was all that was left, and it would have hit. So close.


Defend: Monster had less than half a final chunk of a health bar left, destroyed the relay before I could do anything about it.

Couldn’t stop screaming about it.


Not really closest games ever, but closest recent games:


That is all


Had a match against Kraken where I was playing Kala on The Dam. I had my teleporters set up so that they cut the map in a diagonal. Prior to this, we had domed him 4 times and he was stage 2. After the last encounter, he was left with about 1/8 of a bar of HP and half armor. Now our trapper was dead and assault had strikes and medic had 1. I knew if he evolve, we might be done. Luckily, he was running in the direction of a portal. I cloak and take the tele nearest to me and jump right behind him. I use the Armor Reducer, and since it does a little bit of damage, it went right through his armor and took out his sliver of HP for the win.


So I’m not sure if this is already a Topic so if it is (Redirect me at your will Leaders! :smile:)
If not, I feel that we should share some of our BEST Matches aND moments from Evolve . I’ll start, so I haven’t played multiplayer in a while but today I said Meh what the heck and I had three great matches in a row as Gorgon. Two real close, intense matches and one flawless victory combineD with Gorgon T-Bagging…ahh it was just perfect :blush: )
FYI Anyone one who was T-Bagged by Gorgon on Broken Hill Mine, that was me :blush: Sorry bout trollibg, couldn’t help myself :smile:


I’ll be sure to post the vid when j get a chance


Pre T5, The Dam, Hunt.

:medic:Lazarus(My friend)
:support:Hank, I think.
:trapper:Griffin, I think

Monster was stage 3 and was going for the killing swipe. Our team was unorganized, all with strikes, and we were on the bottom layer of the map, the goliath comes at us and we hold out until Hank gets insta-killed. Griffin is the second to go down, and my friend accidentally tries to revive him while Goliath is still pummeling Griffin, and gets downed himself. It’s just me, but on the plus side, we weakened the monster down to a sliver of health, minus side of it? I’m in the same state as him. he takes out my health with a fire breath and starts coming towards me. Everything happens at once; Goliath grabs me and “Slam Dunks” me into the ground, downing me. But at the same time, My lighting gun connects with his last sliver of health and destroys it. we both go down and the match becomes a draw. That was the first (and so far, only.) draw I’ve ever had.

Edit: Oh shit, I did not check the date on the thread! silly me!