Your best tip/hint/trick


Post your favorite tip or trick here, or a tale of ingenious monster hunting, or hunter hunting.

EDIT: Adding a +1 to hunt with your ears. You can hear the monster long before you see it.

EDIT: I was wrong about this one, as the dome won’t keep the monster out.
Had a game where a Kraken had 3 of us dead and the trapper on the run, with no stealth to keep the kraken from finding them, I asked the Trapper on TS if their dome CD was up. They immediately caught on to what I was suggesting and dropped the dome when they knew the Kraken wasn’t in its radius, locking it out and giving us time to bring in the dropship.

The unofficial tips/strategy thread

I like cloaking as support and just standing next to the monster and mark him and they would have no idea


As the hunter
If you hide
You die
Don’t play like a coward


Anyone can find the monster, not just the trapper!
Also, listen to the loud footsteps of the monster instead of mindlessly following Daisy. I often see people walk straight ahead after Daisy while I clearly hear footsteps to our right.

Monsters are really loud unless they sneak.


Goliath’s fire breath can clear Markov’s mines. I just figured that out today, even though I played in the alpha :slight_smile:


Press control to sneak.


I would recommend to have at least 2 hunters with movement hindrance abilities on monster. Doesnt matter who as long as at least 2 got it


I don’t know how many times I have passed off a monster player :smile:. With hank’s shield stopping the monster from killing things, and then getting away with just a slither of health with invisibility. This one monster adapted and tried to sneak attack me, I luckily saw him and dropped an orbital on its head. It quickly died afterwards.


best tip… dont shoot the monster from 100000 yards. close the distance first. this is of course only if it is not feeding right now. if it is feeding, shoot it.


^^ This guy gets it.


Not to burst your bubble or seem mean but it actually won’t keep the monster out. Anyone can go INTO the arena, you just can’t leave it.

It’s to keep the hunters from throwing a dome around the power relay and winning via the timer.


Well then…crap.

Although its possible the monster player didn’t realize that.


I think it’s also to prevent locking out fellow hunters from the fight with the monster. It’s even an in-game hint to throw a dome and hide until your teammates arrive (I think it was in one of the advanced trapper tutorial videos, not sure though)

Another hint from me: Watch the tutorial videos of all characters (including advanced tutorial videos only found through the menu). This will explain what each class does and gives you some tactics. If you don’t play the class or monster, it can still help to counter that class (you can’t counter a tactic if you don’t know it exists)


You didn’t “lock him out”. You can always enter the dome, you cannot leave it.


find the weakest link and break it


That is vague enough to be on a fortune cookie…


With a skilled Caira and a full team of hunters that are very good at jetpack dodging, you can defeat a full health, stage three monster at the relay. And before you ask, no, this was an actually skilled monster.


A good monster would be timing jetpacks, and bring Caira down while mitigating damage towards himself.


except its pretty specific.

find the hunter who is the weak link or most ill prepared for your playstyle and break them. Hunter teams need all 4 roles to function or its a loss. By removing a critical role (any and all) i have hindered the hunters.

Yea sure you could go for the medic first, except if its their strongest member you are letting three weaker links have free reign over you. and thats bad monster play.

find the weakest link and break it, again and again.


The point is, the line “find the weakest link and break it” works in pretty much every context as advice. Without an explanation, it doesn’t help a lot though.