Your BEST match


So, what was the best match you had?

In my best game, we had a Goliath in a desert ravine between two cliff sides. There was just enough room for hunters to jet-pack between them but not for the monster to leap from one to the other easily. This was an ideal situation for me, as I was playing Val. I perched up top healing everyone below…and in this ravine they were always in my LOS, so I didn’t need to maneuver. When they were getting pummeled too badly they fell back a bit so as not to continue to be targeted, so nobody got group incapped and I kept everyone going non-stop. My beam flitted between whoever was hurt the most, and whoever was currently in Goliath’s sights. The support player also eventually got atop one of the cliffs too, shielding the hunters facing Goliath alongside me. When his shield ran out he was still in range to fire off his lazer gun or call down an orbital.

Even when the dome was gone this particular monster went all-in. He constantly picked a target and tried to focus down. However, with Val’s heal beams he was wasting valuable time, soaking up bullets as he cornered one hunter after another, but couldn’t do continuous, lasting damage since his hits were quickly being replaced with more health from the omnipresent green beam. He’d pick another target in the ravine and the same would happen. When he finally got an incap, he left the body proudly to tackle someone else…but I continued to heal away behind his back, Hank shielding the new targeted player. Eventually I got the rez from the beam. Easy-peazy. All of the hits Goliath kept giving hunters I beamed away, each in turn.

At long last, and I wondered when this would finally happen…the monster raged at me. You could feel the fury in those eyes as he followed the green thread of life upwards to spot me. You could almost feel the audible “YOU!” in that look. He tried to climb up to get me…and that’s when I flew off to the other side of the ravine. I did this about 3 or 4 times. His aggravation was palpable. Every time he’d go for me I’d do the same. Hank jumped along with me or back down in the ravine, helping divert attention. When my jet-pack finally failed I found myself on the ground, but I still went for the “slow climb” up, as Goliath raged in, and also as Hank shielded. I knew that a grounded medic was a dead medic (at least for Val). He tossed me a bit like a cat toy but I heal-bursted myself when Hank’s shield quit, and finally made it back up the cliff face to continue my work. Life from above. If Goliath would have focused on me long enough I’d have been a goner but by now he was too badly wounded to keep up the fight.

He made a final break to escape down the ravine but it was too little too late. His armor was gone and he was down to only a bar or so of health. The metallic snap-clang of harpoons rang out and he was held back a couple crucial moments from Maggie’s trap-dancing the ravine. He managed to break free but he took the final fatal hits from assault and melted to the ground before he could leap away.

Overall I thought the fight was perfectly smooth and the teamwork was commendable all around…and we didn’t even have mics. Epic.


Too hard to pick just one :stuck_out_tongue:


I don’t fault ya for having more than one. I don’t mind you listing more than one, but make it one per post, maybe top 3. :wink:


I just don’t remember any specific match that well at this point, almost all of my favorite memories involve Griffin though, just generally being a pain in the ass and denying the Monster so many times. Oh, how I love Griffin and his harpoon gun. :slight_smile:


I think I have favorite moments more than games themselves. For instance, I was running away from the hunters by jumping over them. Apparently the Trapper was wounded already. He threw down a dome just as I leaped right next to him. I charged through him for a down and then carried on like nothing happened :slight_smile:


Goliath be all


Here is a link to the video. Apparently no dome was involved, just a drive by mugging.


I can’t pick one match, but there is one that I am particularly fond of.
Me and my team had decided to do a covert ops hunter scenario. We began the map and saw the monsters tracks heading off to the edge of bridge on distillery, so we knew he had laid false tracks or headed through the river. So we created a plan to set a choke point at one of the most common areas for the monster, the caves. We all headed over there and laid whatever ground based place and forget goodies we had, and set up a nice perimeter. To note the team was Bucket (me), Hyde, Val, and Maggie. Once everything was set up I took the role of hunting the monster down (solo). I was fairly confident in being able to avoid him at least until I could bring him back to the cave. Having him target me the entire time. Now he probably realized my team was not with me, but he treated it as I had strayed from the group so easy prey. I quickly maneuvered through the main plant area stalling him just enough to stay slightly ahead. At this point I was just relying on my guided rockets and jetpack since all of my sentries were lying in wait in the cave with my group. I made it into the left side cave entrance by the Crowbill with him (Goliath) right behind me. I used the last of my jetpack fueled cloaked covering the rest of my team as I went around the corner and watched as three of Maggie’s harpoons went off. The entire cave lit up like the fourth of July as we all hammered into him. Val’s tranq and then sniper keeping him weak for us as me and Hyde kept a constant rain of weaponry on him. He had made stage two before hand so his armor held up for a second as we continued to fire. Maggie kept bouncing in the background planting the harpoons and shooting bursts of her smg. Val balancing between her tranq, sniper and healing gun perfectly. My sentry guns and Hyde’s flamethrower constantly draining the health bar. Eventually he had realized he had no chance against the constant barrage and tried to escape exiting through the right side of the cave. Val keeping the tranqs on him as I gave chase (that 50% jetpack recharge is a necessity to me) lobbing rockets after him. He was down to two bars of health now as we still were giving chase. Most of the team one hit. Val and the three others stayed back as I kept going. I could not stop and let him recharge. Each rocket draining that bar bit by bit, until finally the last one connected as he tried to leap away. It was a perfect trap leading to an exhilarating chase. I can not wait for the beta to come out so I can have more matches that keep you at the edge of your seat entirely focused. This is Evolve, this is 4v1.



Ain’t nobody got time for spacing.


Best match was w/ goliath ( maybe the 3rd or 4th match i played ever ).

Lost a pretty big stage 3 fight and got away with half a bar of hp, somehow i got some armour and picked up health regen perk while fighting. Circled around and won with the generator :slight_smile: they had no clue.


I never got to use the Health Regen perk :frowning:


Maybe because you did not really need it to win, in that game i really did. Almost evry other game i still hade 50% hp or even full. Hopefully with the better MM we can get some real hunters that force us to get the perk :slight_smile:


True, in fact the only game I was really concerned with losing was because I was dinking around trying to unlock elite skin progression.


Oh yea, it took me almost 12 hours to do one of the third tier stars. Most of those games were ‘close’ because i tried to get the tier, not trying to win.


Yup, after a while I figured I wouldn’t get the unlock because the Kraken one seemed ridiculously impossible and the Goliath one seemed very buggy (Charge reviving hunters) and went on a rampage. Then my OCD kicked in and I tried going for the unlocks again :stuck_out_tongue:


Can’t say any stood out, but I have a few proud moments (not counting hunter games where everything went by routine and we downed the monster at stage 1).

One game was extremely close where the monster won on a slither of health, less than half a bar even. I was playing as Hyde, the map was Distillery, Goliath had hit stage 3 with about half of his health left. We caught him heading for the power relay, full armour, and engaged him just away from it. Not much to say about the fight, I was using the jetpack recharge perk to keep on him constantly to use the flamethrower. We did a good job of avoiding him but there was a little too much health to power through. I was the third to last hunter to go down (including Daisy), but I was on top of the big building with Daisy there in the middle of reviving me as Maggie did her best to kite the monster, down on ground level closer to the relay. Sadly as she went down the game didn’t count Daisy as the last one standing and it was called that the monster won.

I laughed at it, felt a bit annoyed because less than half a bar of health would have been easy to rip apart as Hyde but it was more funny and it only happened once during the whole alpha. Later it hit me just how close that game was, it was practically down to a hit for either team to win.


While I can’t remember how the entire match took place, my favorite match was a match I played as Markov and we lost in a stage 3 generator fight. I remember the beginning and ending of that fight as I stood outside sniping at Goliath with my AR as he crossed the Tyrant Pit to get to us. Like a dumb a$$, I hadn’t laid down any mines yet so I ran to start throwing them down and as I was placing my second one in a doorway, guess who shows up? He then proceeds to knock me back inside of the generator room to start our final showdown. The next thing I remember from the fight, the whole team has gotten knocked down except for Daisy who managed to pull me back to my feet before being BBQ’d by Goliath. So as the last one standing against a stage 3 goliath with a bar and a half of health left, I popped shield and went to town on him. Managed to bring him down to like 1/3 of a bar of HP before he killed me. Reminded me so much of the interactive trailer and am so stoked to have more of those seat of your pants wins/losses


I think that’s part of the point many people missed when I’d see the Kraken OP threads and people complaining about this particular thing not matching that… the enjoyment I get out of this game is in playing it against well-matched people and having a nasty fight. Winning is entirely secondary in the end. You’re recapping a favorite moment in a game you lost. To me that’s the sign of a game being great, not your impeccable W/L stats.


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