Your best game?


So here’s the story. Yesterday I was playing Evolve, and I had played plenty of matches as a hunter where the Monster got to stage 3 and we were wiped out. I got into a skirmish game as Griffin with a Lazarus, Hyde, and Hank against a Goliath.

At the beginning of the game, the Goliath was surprisingly good at evasion, even with my sound spikes in strategic positions on the map. We only managed to get him in a dome once, and he got out of that one only scratched a little. Soon enough he got to stage 3 and as we went to the power relay, I came to the conclusion that we were screwed. Eventually as expected the Goliath came to decimate us, but then I soon came to a shocking realization.

My team were gods.

Not just good or anything, just downright amazing. The Goliath would try to focus us down, but would learn how relentless we were. He would try to focus down Lazarus, just to find a harpoon in his ass, personally delivered by me. He’d catch one of us in a corner sometimes, and try to focus us down, only to get orbital barraged by Hank, or find himself in a green cloud from one of Hyde’s toxic grenades.

Our Lazarus was also amazing, and every time one of us got incapacitated or killed he’d be there to revive us. He was also amazing at evasion, dodging the Goliath every time the beast tried to focus him down. Combined with me constantly harpooning him, Lazarus didn’t go down once during the fight. Until the end that is.

The Goliath had managed to kill me, Hank, and Hyde, and it was only Laz left. Lazarus, managed to revive some of us from time to time, but as soon as we got up the Goliath was there to quickly put us back in our graves. (But the time he spent doing that made for an easy escape for Laz.) Eventually with only Laz left alive the Goliath began to destroy the power relay. However Laz managed to sneak in and get a revive on Hyde, whose corpse was right beside the Goliath. As expected though the Goliath attacked immediately, and the fight was soon taken outside the power relay. The Goliath was down to two bars of health and two bars of armor, probably gained from eating mine or Hanks corpses.

He tried to focus on killing Laz, but found himself engulfed in a toxic cloud, from Hyde’s toxic grenades. Eventually Laz was incapacitated, but the entire time with the combined might of the toxic clouds and Hyde’s flamethrower he was taken down to one bar of health. Then began a desperate showdown, as the Monster tried to take down Hyde, his measly amount of health dropping quickly, and Hyde put all the damage he could into the monster, each attack from the beast putting him closer and closer to death and the loss of our team.

And then, the beast finally fell, the red health bar at the top of my screen empty. I couldn’t speak, literally at disbelief at what I had just experienced. In a grueling fight that lasted 6 whole minutes, we took down the mighty creature that was a stage 3 Goliath.

So yeah, that happened to me. But now I want to know, what was your best game?


The game went for 28 minutes because the hunters were bad and I farmed them for ability mastery. Hit the relay every 20 seconds to pause the countdown to continue to farm. I staid out in the open most of the match and zipped around to lure them into traps with the tyrants and other predators. I enjoyed myself, I don’t think they did. At times I would just circle around the last player until the others respawned then killed him. I finished the game with almost full health. It was mostly for the lawlz to see if they could kill me.


Hid in a bush and the entire hunter team walked right past me. They were looking around for like two minutes before searching for another area.

Got to Stage 2 and slaughtered them all.