Your Best and Worst Hunter and Monster


My best Hunter: a tie between Lennox, Blitz Markov and Abe

My worst Hunter: Caira (I think).

My best Monster: All of them

My worst Monster: None of them


My best Hunter: Griffin.

My worst Hunter: Probably OG Maggie, too much Griff.

My best monster: The Karken.

My worst monster: Probably Wraith or the Gorgonzola. I’m not good with squishy things.


Best Hunter: All of them.

Worst Hunter: None of them.

Best Monster: All of them.

Worst Monster: None of them.

Because I’m the legitimate best :sunglasses:

######Kidding, prob any medic but Caira Slim, terrible with… actually I’m decent with everyone. My best Monster is Wraith and worst being Goliath/Behemoth.


Torvald is my best monster.

All seriousness.
Torvald is my best. My worst hunter? Uhh… None really.

Best monster is Behemoth.
Worst is definitely Wraith.


I think you mean Slim is my best Monster :sunglasses:
######G…Get it? 'cause he’s a Monster? 'cause he blinds people? I’ll be going now.


Best Hunter: Hyde

Worst Hunter: Sunny

Best Monster: Behemoth

Worst Monster: Gorgon (probably due to inexperience, I’ve only played as Gorgon once)


Best hunter: hyde
Worst hunter: maggie ( i really hate to care of the traps)

Best monster: bob
Worst monster: goliath


Best Hunter: Torvald

Worst Hunter: Abe

Best Monster: Meaty <3

Worst Monster: Kraken


Best Hunter: Abe/Hyde

Worst Hunter: Crow/Parnell

(I’m equally good or bad with both of these pairs ;-; )

Best Monster: Goliath

Worst Monster: Gorgon


Best Hunter is Vals (both) & Abe
Worst Hunter is Caira or Sunny (toss up really)
Best Monster has to be Wraith & Behemoth
Worst Monster would be Gorgon or very possibly Kraken

Ok so I know it said best and worst but I’ve gotten equally good multiple areas.


Best Hunter: Abe/Slim

Worst Hunter: Got to be OG Hank. I suck so bad at using him.

Best Monster: Bob

Worst Monster: Any Monster that is not Bob.


Best Hunter: Crow

Worst Hunter: Griffin

Best Monster: Behemoth

Worst Monster: Goliath

Yep. There ya go :smiley_cat:


Best Hunter : Grandma Lennox
Worst Hunter : Griffin, Val, Rogue Val, Maggie

Best Monster: Gorgon
Worst Monster : Kraken


Best Hunter: Hyde
Worst Hunter: Val

Best Monster: Wraith
Worst Monster: Probably Behemoth because I don’t have him- but yeah, Kraken.


Best Hunter: Maggie
Worst Hunter: Parnell and Torvald

Best Monster: Wraith
Worst Monster: Probably Goliath since I play him the least


Best Hunter: Doesn’t really matter, it’s about the same across the board.
Worst Hunter: Probably Supports because I like them the least.

Best Monster: Was Wraith… I don’t know about now. Probably Goliath (would say Kraken but he’s the best for everybody).
Worst Monster: Probably Gorgon but I still need to fool around with her.

Wraith Scythebump.


Best Hunter: Maggie.
Worst Hunter: Caira.

Best Monster: Goliath
Worst Monster: Kraken… well, maybe Gorgon.


Best Hunter: Emet

Worst Hunter: Caira

Best Monster: Gorgon

Worst Monster: Kraken


Best hunter: Bucket :bucket_cute:
Best monster: Behemoth
Worst hunter: Parnell
Worst monster: Kraken


Best hunter: Lenny
Worst hunter: Everything else T-T
Best Monster: Goliath/Meaty, either works.
Worst Monster: Karken.