Your absolute favorite video game character?

Spyro and Leon are close, but nothing beats

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Arthas Menethil, the fallen prince of Lorderon. Warcraft 3, WoW, Heroes of the Storm.

His story is so full of emotion, he truly wanted to help his people and do the right thing, even if ultimately he went to far and lost himself.

Samus Aran. First female videogame protagonist, awesome universe and character, and she gets some of the best equipment to boot.


Nathan drake(uncharted)
Cole phelps (L.A Noire)
John Marston(Red dead redemption)
spyro(spyro the dragon)
Michael De Santa(GTA v)

I like someone else more.
“You reek of death, human. You’ll regret approaching me.”

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Lazzed threads are lazzed again!
I’ll add frisk to being a character I like (undertale)

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Big Boss/Snake will beat any other character from anything else, hands down.

Illidans a bad ass too. I feel sorry for him, he went through a lot.

Master Chief and Doomguy would like to have a word with you.

Do I even have to say it?

Snake always wins. He is just crazy and lucky enough to pull it off. The dude takes out giant mecha that would crush chief

Chief has taken down stuff much harder than mechs, and lets not forget that Chief’s luck is much greater than most other’s.

Can I nominate the soundtrack itself from Bastion? It was the highlight of an already fantastic game…

I also just started playing Metal Gear Rising again and Jetstream Sam is fantastic, the only boss in the game who gets an entire level devoted to his boss fight and damn does he deserve it.

Luigi. The underrated but vastly superior brother.


Michael ‘Mike’ LeRoi (aka Shadowman) … well from Shadowman.

I vaguely remember this game…

This game was weird…

This game was soooo weird for its time indeed ^^ … so creepy without any real horror involved I LOOOVED the atmoshpere! I can only imagine how much creepier it would be nowadays on a remake !

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*bolo tie

That is the part that really sends it over the top, in my opinion.

Sylvanas Windrunner the Banshee Queen.
I HATE WoW, but im a huge warcraft rts fan, an she is my favorite character of all time.
My runner up is Grom Hellscream from Warcraft 3 (not sure if hes in WoW or not, he died in warcraft 3 but the storyline has no meaning in WoW)