Your absolute favorite video game character?


Ever, of all time. One character, from any game universe of your choosing.

Didn’t see a thread like this so I made one. O.o

As for me, Jaina from WoW and HoTS. :smiley: She’s absolutely awesome and amazing in every way. >.<


Link from Legend of Zelda.

Posted in less than a minute of this Thread being up.
{For the record ;)}


Chosen Undead.


i assumed that’s a Dank Soulz thing? :3


Samus. Before Other M and the baby!


Definitely between Samus and Bayonetta.


How do you choose? Part of my soul says Red from Pokemon, but also Master Chief, Marcus (Gears of War), Jebediah Kerman, Brick, Steve, and countless others. If I HAD to pick, Master Chief has been with me since I was like 6 years old, so him.


I liked Dom from GoW. Those scenes where he found his wife Maria, and in GoW 3 died, tore my hearstrings. :s


Grigori from Dragon’s dogma.
Best villian.


Andrew Ryan from Bioshock, man, such an interesting and awesome character, he was one of biggest highlights in that game!


Wow, woulda never thought :stuck_out_tongue:


But then I realized hes not entirely a character, so I gotta go wiiith
Odahviing <3
Loved that guy


I guess Shodan also wins this, in terms of a villain.

And the DooM marine for being a slightly over the top badass despite having 0 lines.

Damn too many.


I never felt he was a villain. He was too likable for me to hate him. More of a mentor or something. Failed Arisen doing what he was made for. The Duke was an ass, though. Hated him.


I didn’t take you for a WoW fan.


Yass, Odahviing was sooooo cool. :smiley:

Absolutely loved him too. :smiley: “A man chooses, a slave obeys.” :smiley:

Y-yeah, I know right? <.<



What is better - to be born good, or to overcome your evil nature through great effort?


Think I gotta go with Bowser. Love his character, his design, his personality, everything!


I’m not; I play HoTS.


That quote was awesome. :smiley: