You'd think I could get Behemoth free with this PSN subscription I have. (sigh)


It would be really awesome. Too bad it can’t be that way… Unfortunately, I haven’t even found something worthwhile with this subscription in maybe two months. I mean the two free games are racing against the Sun and some other boring game lol. Gimme something good Sony! Oh well… Anyone think there’s been a lack of good, free/discounted content on the PSN store lately? Or is it just me?


Yeah nothing has got my attention since First Light


oh you guys are both wrong. airmech arena is indy game of the year! lol


The only PSN-free memorable game I have is Injustice. There’s been just about nothing really interesting since then.


Maybe I’ll get super lucky and the behemoth dlc will become free during the memorial day weekend… Dreams can come true right?


Lol I might try that game


I tried Injustice but I hate the control setup vs the fighting games I’m used to. (Super Smash Bros)


its a neat take are rts onto the console. its nice and fast paced and you need to have some decent knowledge of micro to do good. buts its pretty fun to play to me.

the best free game they came out with so far was outlast. 10/10 game there. crazy scary.


smash bros isnt a (REAL) fighting game… its a party game :smirk:


Lol define “real” because I’m slightly confused :confused:


zero attempts at balancing the characters, its a free for all = party game :smirk:


I mean doesn’t MKX have some OP characters and stuff? I don’t know because I don’t play it so I’m actually asking.


Oh yes MKX does have OP characters. (IM LOOKING AT YOU SCORPION,MILEENA AND JASON VORHEES) But i digress :unamused:


mm no not really. just easy to use characters that have spamable combos. tier list is a better word. which technically the game is too young to have a tier list

scorpion. high low guess but its reactable. highly punishable. mileena same exact character as scorpion lol.

jason needs balancing tho. 1 easy combo for 50% hp is not ok.


its too early too look at mkx atm, not everyone has figured the game out, it takes atleast 3-5 months to figure out a game like mkx


the key is run canceling. once the pros get it down alot of characters open up in that game. some of the moves you can do are crazy.


yeah i wish sony would give us some better games .-. Dont really like most of these. Although, guacamelee is funny/fun to play


You need to have a European account, too. Discounts and sales are different in both
versions of the store. Last month we had Dying Light and other WB games on sale.

Evolve and other great games at the moment. Got Far Cry 4, Watch Dogs, Battlefield 4,
and Witcher 3 plus expansions for almost nothing that way.

But the PS Plus games are the same in both stores. I fully agree that they could be better.
It’s still good to have a PS3 as well as a PS4. At least you get games like Dishonered for


Ugh i got motion sickness from dishonor @.@


This month and last seemed lacking.
the unfinished swan was pretty good though.