You won 100,000,000$ dollars!


I’d simply spend some of it on scientific researches for technology, space exploration and medicine.

Some to (like many here) buy Evolve’s IP and convince TRS to publish it by themself instead of another publisher.

Some will be spent for my familly…but it won’t be a lot I guess.


Gamer playboy mansion & make a game studio to create something wicked.

Although that would probably not make much of a dent I would keep a lot of it and be smart about it I guess.
A lot would go to helping people I know or charitable causes I feel could do with it.


Don’t tell me what to do, I’m RICH


Not telling, correcting.


Use it as toilet paper…


Buy every game on steam. Just for lolz.

And then buy a computer with enough storage space to install all of them.


Cmon m80, gotta consider one’s material conditions, though the statement would be powerful.

Edit: and uncomfortable


I really don’t care for money to be honest.
If i had that kind of money I’d most likely just buy a small house in the Ozarks and decent 4x4. The rest I’d pretty much give away.


So much cocai-

Invest it conservatively and ensure I can live comfortably for the rest of my life. Yeah. That.


You’re avatar is making more and more sense! I can appreciate the sentiment. This is just a bit of fantasy. That kind of money can change you, and the people around you. Lottery winners often have their lives ruined by the troubles that kind of money brings.


My wife use to ask me a similar question and would always say something like, “that’s it?”
I’m no fun I know. Lol

That’s so true, that money changes people. You can tell which people here would change just by reading what they’d do with the money. It’s interesting.


Create an army of rabid albino bunnies to take hold of this world.

But in all seriousness, probably get a home and have a small library to withhold a plethora of books for random interests. Also, a better computer so I can have fewer framerate problems whilst modelling.



Welcome to the world of “Union des Bretons Indépendant soft”.


I’d get a kitten and then donate the rest to animal shelters/homeless shelters/and schools. >< I’m happy with what I have.


Somebody told me once that money doesn’t change people…it just allows them to reveal who they really are.

I tend to believe that because I know people in my own family on opposite ends of the spectrum and I have got to say that the kindest and most giving people are usually the have-nots rather than the haves, and people in different financial brackets have a whole different concept compared to others of what makes a “good life”.


The Lottery is not something I play for this reason…I’d really rather NOT win.


Buy 6000 chicken fajitas


If I see someone stealing one of my seven chickens in my garden, I’d put the blame on you.


all i do is shitpost.
so with
i’d get a better pc.
for maximum shitpost overdrive