You wake up tomorrow and Evolve goes Free-To-Play, what would your reaction be?


You wake up and you decide to browse the forums like you usually do >
and then you read on the main pinned topic “Evolve Goes Free to Play” and you instantly click on it thinking that the mods/devs are just trolling >
but then you load up the thread and see that it is indeed true completed with promo material and junk >
you read through but they don’t give you any actual dates or details other than the promo material, it contains the 3 base tiers and the infamous Soon™ >
You’ve had your reaction and you start posting >

What would you post?

I’d be like wtf and then post like a million gifs of me jumping like a little sgirl scout


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You’re asking people to share their thoughts on F2P Evolve and we already have a thread for that, so I’ll be merging soon :bucket_salute: