You think you want to have a beer with Hank


Hank seems cool right? Down-to-earth, no nonsense kind of guy? You think to yourself, I’d like to have a beer with Hank. But you don’t. Hank has stories that will make you sick. He’s been there man. He’s seen shit. That beard has soaked up as many tears as it has drops of whiskey. But Hank’s tears aren’t like you’rs or mine. His are the tears of a man who weeps not for himself or any one person, but for man’s humanity. You think you want to have a beer with Hank, but you don’t man. You really don’t.



Beer is overrated.



Hahaha…why am I being tagged?


That reminds Hank of the time he had to kill those quadruplets when he was hired as a mercenary to “secure” those mines on Venus. One of them tried to run and Hank had to shoot him in the back. The guy just lay there, gasping for ages. He even started to beg and call for his mother towards the end. Hank stood there and watched it all. He didn’t hate the quadruplets. They were his enemy because someone told them they were his enemy. And also their dog died.


Aren’t you that one guy who loves beer? Or am I horribly mistaken?


What type of dog. It’s very important


I do love beer, so you’re not horribly mistaken.


Daisy’s great aunt by marriage.


Having a beer on Shear with Hank


That’s what Hank looks like in his head. With a wife and son and a happy life, but in reality HE"S BEEN DEAD THE WHOLE TIME!


This thread is crazy. I like crazy things. I’m going to stay here now.


You’re playing with fire man. The kind of madness Hank has seen is infectious. It will change you man. Just imagining it will change the way you look at the world. If I were you, I’d smile, nod and back away.


I’d like to have the way I see the world changed please. :stuck_out_tongue:

And eh. I’ve seen madder. I am insanity incarn- do I smell CHEESE?!


I have never had a beer in my life.


Hank smelled cheese once. Right before his mother exploded.


In that case I apologize, I mistook you for someone else. I’m going to go find my dunce hat now.


Than your brain is nowhere near damaged enough to be able to listen to Hank for five minutes without killing yourself.


This Hank scares and excites me.


Dude. You have no idea. You should hear the story about Hank’s best friend setting his dog on fire. Hank’s dog. Not the friend’s dog. The friends dog was terrible and nobody liked it. Everyone liked Hank’s dog though. The dog that got set on fire. Hank pulled his weapon to put his beloved companion out of the terrible pain he was in, but the gun was jammed with sand from his last job on Mars where he saw all those orphans asphyxiate when the rebels attacked the cities. So the dog burned to death and it took like two or three minutes.