You should be able to rank up all skills/weapons individually (without needing to reach equal rank with all the others)


I really don’t mind the progression system at all - I enjoy unlocking stuff. But I don’t like how you have to wait until all your weapons/skills are ranked up on the same level before having to progress. In my case for example rock-throwing with Goliath is far behind others, because I rarely use it. That means I am unable to level up other weapons just because I need to rank up rock throwing first.

I wouldn’t mind if the rewards got only unlocked after you finish with all of them. I just want to keep progressing on my other skills while doing the one that’s behind.

Anyone else feels that way?


I agree with you to an extent but I think the idea is to get you to use every part of the characters kit and learn the pros and cons. Plus what if you suddenlydecide you want to use your least used kit item and find that theres no point cause all your other skills are just so much better with the upgrades?


I guess, but then make those unused abilities easier to rank up/stronger. There is a reason why people don’t use them (rock throw as Goliath is the biggest offender from what I’ve read so far).

But you’ve got a point with the upgrades. Not sure what to do about that.


I believe rock throw already has a rather low requirement for each tier because it is the hardest part of his kit to land but I could be mistaken

I also believe that flame breath needs the most for each tier due to how easy it is to land and the others take around the same time as rock throw