You said Kraken is OP? I just got unlimited stamina on it


A few days ago, I was playing Kraken. I was going to wreck them, that much was sure. I went into the game, and noticed that I had UNLIMITED STAMINA ON KRAKEN. Everytime I hit the ground, however, it did run out for a short few seconds. That must have made the hunters mad. ANYWAY, I thought this was kind of worth mentioning it. Anyone Else encountered this? (This was on Xbox One btw)


I have not been that lucky. :wink:

Did it continue into the next match?


Was it the entire game?
I have noticed that if your being shot at enough, you basically have unlimited stamina.


It did not continue, as everyone rage quitted and left after xD


The entire game, I only got domed twice, once at stage two when I wanted to fight, and at the power Relay, and as far as I could tell they were not shooting me that much, or they couldn’t hit me.


I Believe this is due to low/bad connectivity , was once playing a private match with wraith and my friends (Checking out gold skins) and had unlimited warp.


Oh. that… might… explain something.


Yeah, the stamina wasnt really completely unlimited but it warned me of low connectivity and I would warp and the 3 stamina bars would not change but some times they would so it was near unlimited I could warp about 12 times in quick succession and the game does nothing like putting player back to where they wopuld be without the extra lag warps


Basically my Kraken Experience, it only went down when I hit the ground or a ledge.


I wish i had this bug because on pc its somewhat opposite: sometimes you use the last two stamina bars in one air boost.

This game gets really weird when it has vad connectivity.


I have also had that bug on Console(Xbox One), with all monsters, and it happens quite a lot on both Goliath and Kraken.


I have issues where my stamina does nothing or drops me to the ground. Sometimes I get stuck in air and sometimes I get vaulted across the map.


I got this with Wraith once. It was beautiful. :slight_smile:


I have the issue of losing 2 bars of stamina, for one. Not that lucky.


I think it is intended, its to avoid the Kraken to dash out too much in one burst.
Why didn’t they do the same with Wraith ? Eeeeeeh… I’m out.


I get vaulted across the map so much xD


I consistently have problems with Kraken using two traversal staminas when it’s suppsoed to use one. Pretty frustrating considering he’s the slowest monsters already. Never have I had unlimited though. That’d be fun. lol


It was… Super fun… One of my most memorable Evolve moments :kraken_stare: