You ruined Wraith's ability to break harpoon traps


Any other Wraith players realize how difficult it is to break traps now that they messed with her heavy attack radius!?


Wraiths heavy attack radius wasn’t changed, the 360 degree hitbox for mid air heavy attacks was changed. Nothing else. :confused:

Unless that is what you meant.


That is what I meant, I’ve had numerous games against Maggie now where I’m doing full 360 degree spins and it’s taking a lot to break the traps. Too many times I’ve done a full 360 and melee’d only to find out I’m still stuck in the trap.


Maybe it takes a little getting used to? It’s easy get into a habit like that and as soon as something is changed it can some time to adjust.


Every other Monster actually already had to bother with Maggie’s Harpoon Traps, and now so does Wraith. Big whoop.

And that’s even assuming you’re right because I don’t think anything about Harpoon Trap targeting has been changed.


Slow down and properly break. Panic breaking will just cost you time and health .


Well Maggie’s traps now require more accuracy to break, but Wraith never even felt that change with her massive sweeping melees.

Now she does when she’s in the air. She’s still the sane on the ground. So meh.


He is. Or at a minimum, ive noticed the same thing myself.

One of my biggest complaints about the wraith as a trapper was how ineffectual harpoons were at holding her down compared to other monsters. Kraken as well while he was flying, but his melee range window was cut down a fair bit quite some time ago.

It didnt matter where a harpoon hit the wraith, one melee swing afterwards and the harpoon was basically gone. (Few other bits of context to keep in mind. This is for air heavies. An the wraith is normally in the air to some degree, even if shes only just above your head. A lot of good wraith players used to aim to do this, because of how every attack in the air was a heavy attack. This is specifically why she popped all the harpoons almost all the time. The heavy-air melee stamina change has helped this a bit, buuut still…)

Combine this with the Melee systems AI changing, and we get what we have now. The AI system up until recently used to prioritize things in a rather funny way. It looks at things that are in “range”, and then prioritizes what to hit- Irregardless of where youre aiming. Harpoons used to get top priority in a LOT of situations, meaning even if you were aiming at something else, if the harpoon was in range of where the monster itself was facing, itd snap the harpoon. Now the ai-system puts more priority on what youre physically aiming at.

So remove the wild arch of her melee, add in the need to actually aim at a harpoon- and you get this.

Sorry to wraith players- As pointed out, this is something that every monster has to deal with already. And has been a big complaint of mine for harpoons against the wraith for a long time. Im all for this.

If this cripples her too much, shell need buffed in other ways. But from a game mechanics perspective, i strongly feel this was the way to go. Its nice seeing harpoons being more effective against her.


I’ve noticed this too, and when the harpoons are spammed like they are, it really hurts! However, guess its just one of them things you have to adjust too. I remember when the dome dropped down to 1 second and we all cried, can’t remember them as they were before now!


Well if you have Decoy (which you should always) will take off the harpoon trap from you to your decoy. Neat little trick IMO


Really??!!? That didn’t work for me yesterday. I was having fun with Wraith on Wraith Trap and I got harpooned by maggie, I popped the decoy and it just flew away while I was still stuck and getting shot at.


I’ve NEVER seen Decoy break Harpoons… don’t know what your talking about there.


It’s always worked for me. That’s weird. :confused:


I’ve seen Decoy activate harpoons, but never take them off of me after I’ve been harpooned.


There is a lot of bugs and most of the time they never come to me. Maybe this is a one time only good bug?


That’s why you’re missing. You need to turn 180 degrees to look behind you. If your me doing a 360 then you might as well not turn around at all.


I was reading through each comment to make sure no one said it bit that was the first thing i thought of too :slight_smile: a tad trolly but honestly not lying our being mean at all, being right is great lol


While I’m saddened by this change I will say that putting one point into Decoy is a good way of breaking Harpoons (mainly the Trap versions, can’t remember much about the one Griffin uses).

I’ve been using Decoy as a poon breaker for awhile now and… hmm…

That sounds weird when I say it like that…

Either way you might as well get used to it.

Wraith has been nuke nerfed, slightly buffed, turned brawler, had glitchy traversals, had it finally fixed and nerfed again. Maybe there was another Buff somewhere in there but I’m close enough.

Point is, get used to Wraith getting pooped on by the Community and TRS.


Abduction bug still exicts


I’m doing full 360’s swinging the entire time because I’m trying to hit the harpoon in my back and get back to hitting what I was trying to focus. Ofcourse I’m not just spinning completely around and swinging at what was already infront of me only…