"You need to work as a TEAM"


“If I give this generic reply out enough times, people will realize my opinions of everything being balanced are right.”


Wraith is still pretty broken even if you work as a good team.


Well, you really do have to work as a team, though…


“If I make a sarcastic thread calling out generic advice, people will realize my opinion of every monster being OP is right”.

Just saying, it works both ways and you aren’t exactly adding anything constructive here.

Besides, it’s not wrong. People just fail to explain HOW to be a team.


So true. I’ve played the Alpha, the Beta, and the full game with the same team. We’re competent people and are all-around good at games, including Evolve. We work well as a team, and I didn’t lose a game with them until we played a mediocre player using the Wraith. The Wraith is still unbalanced to an extent. Even Wraith players can acknowledge that.


“I make pointless strawman arguments”

You should actually post some sort of feedback instead of having nothing of use to say. You’re wasting finger muscles at this point, and frankly, most of the problems can be addressed by 3 things.

Ask questions, look through the forums, search for threads. Op threads have been around since alpha. If you don’t find what you’re looking for, make a thread.

Make some friends. Gridom - Find Evolve Players Here This is a good place to start.
Unless your ping skills are godly, you aren’t going to get far without communication and a structured team.

Finally, don’t take this the wrong way, but you actually have to get better. This game is not easy. You either win, or lose. There’s no participation awards, or medals for being the best on your team. Most of the time, you losing, is on you, the player, not the game. Wraith for example, is brutal against new players, so of course people are going to say she’s op.
If you think she’s op now? Ha. You haven’t seen anything. go look for some beta Wraith footage.

And, no, this wasn’t made to single anyone out in particular, or make someone feel like shit. Just my two cents, you don’t like my advice? Then ignore me. That simple.


“but it is still beta”
“alpha is alpha”
“they will fix it in final game”

same dumb bugs from alpha still in final :sleepy:

get used to it, people will repeat what other say because they want to play “video game crusader”

On feedback part…If you want to give a suggestion or balance, prove it. record it, prove the “nay” sayers wrong

to just say " X is OP" helps no one

but to Opners quate, that is the dumbest thing I heard in a longwhile
“insert quote about whiners, do no work because im right , you wrong. with zero proff” that logic is not even logic


My my aren’t we a presumptuous one.

I’ve played since Alpha and have attended many events where Evolve was displayed. You can also find many threads I’ve been on today alone that I’ve been giving constructive feedback on in terms of how to make the Wraith more fun to play against NOT crying for a nerf.

And thanks for the offer, but I already have a team, I’m simple venting my frustration at hearing the equivalent of being told my destination repeatedly when I asked for directions. If you wish to write a few paragraphs and end your say with “don’t like my advice?” like the good little internet warrior you are then more power to you, there’s many others like you.


Monsters right now are actually very balanced. Players just haven’t realized how to counter them yet. In regards to Wraith, just try to stay apart from one another in fights and avoid the clouded area when wraith goes supernova. I’ve been able to lead my team into capping the wraith in most of my games.

Catching up to wraith? It takes a bit of luck with your skill, and maybe a fault on the Wraith’s side, but that’s not saying she is anti-fun or not balanced.


By the way the reason it takes Wraith so long to get into the fight is her lack of a good feeding ability. Firebreath=2-5 dead food.
Vortex=2-5+ dead food.
Warp Blast is a bit of a pain to control and you can’t use decoy as a feeding ability with the increased CD. Having to sneak attack all the food is 2-3 seconds or longer per wildlife. Then catching up to the ones that ran away. You get the point.


If someone picks Maggie its impossible to fight the wraith until stage 3 you’ll never catch them with daisy running as slow as she is. I think it be a lot more balanced if they took away Super nova as an ability and made it more(than what it already is) a pick of champ. And have a way to combo down someone after using abduction. It be cool to be the wraith if it was this sniper/assassin kind however if you are close together and walk into a cave stage2-3 you wish it was Goliath at that point cause your going get squad wiped by super nova which requires no skill. I play wraith cause I recognize it is extremely broken. The only other possible thing I can see is making it movement increase as it stages up. For example allow 3 charges but gain them back 50% slow for stage one and 25% at stage two. Allowing the hunters a chance before the wraith can just wipe you. I would love feed back on what you think they should do to make the wraith a little bit more balanced.


I disagree heavily with most of this post. My teams main Wraith strategy heavily revolves around Maggie.


Honestly, I know you can kill the wraith, but it is so damn hard. Maggie and Cabot along with Parnell and Caira or Val. Seem to be an awesome squad against the wraith. However it still will mess you up. It completely possible, however extremely hard even depending on a wraith player it can focus a trapper down before they can get up a dome trying to cut it off.


Im just going to quit evolve if you babies convince the devs to nerf the wraith AGAIN.


Seriously there’s nothing wrong with the wraith you’re playing with a bad team or you need practice. I’ve played about 10 matches and won with every monster haven’t lost once all because their team wasn’t communicating.


I will reiterate - you need to work as a TEAM and not be BAD
I’ve fought several top 20 Wraiths with a group of friends of mine, we’re not exactly the best players in the world, but every single game has been down to the wire, win or lose.

Me and the guys I play with found ourselves vs a level 3 Wraith with us camping the relay, and he kept spamming decoy to stay in combat so the timer wouldn’t go down.
It was a stalemate, and it was annoying and we ended up losing because we were impatient and decided to try something, and while I could have cried about how stupid the Wraith is, I didn’t.
Instead, I knew that to get into that position in the first place meant we didn’t capitalize on the monster player’s mistakes well enough and vice versa - ergo we we’re caught in a stalemate.
Next time you find yourself in a losing position, don’t blame the opposition for being too strong or cheap, blame yourself for not being prepared enough, and that applies even when not playing Evolve.


That’s whst Ive been trying to tell everyone as soon as someone loses a match they scream overpowered and its going to be the same when behemoth comes out blah blah he’s too big blah blah Im not good enough please nerf him


Huh? Daisy is as fast as the hunters right now. She’s such a good tracking tool as she’ll sprint ahead and even speed up until she gets back to a set distance in front again if you use boosts. She’s doubly good against Wraith for pointing you towards her every time her decoy ends. Then it’s as simple as watching the map and cutting Wraith off once she’s in a corner of the map due to the wildlife being there.

Harpoon traps are pretty awesome too. The decoy won’t trigger them and you can set them up outside of supernova to really screw over Wraith after you screw her over by leaving the nova in the first place. The traps will also catch her mid abduct and reduce the range, which can force her to stop right in front of your team. I’d just recommend not trying to make traps work inside a supernova and jetpacking out of there when you can.


Agree in full, but in my personal experience, well over 90% of PUGs I’m playing with don’t operate as a team. No comms, no coordination. It’s just fumphering around until the Monster gets an upperhand and wipes us.

Each time, I think “Man, people just don’t seem to realize how vital it is to find the monster early.” A lot of my friends so far aren’t on often enough for me to group up. So PUGs or bots seem to be the only options at the moment. It does drop the entertainment value significantly. After about 4-5 losses in a row, I usually just call it for the day.

Teamwork is vital. Playing with friends makes and breaks the game for me. Neither seem to be happening at the moment though, lol.


Sadly this is he case most time when I wander into PUGS