You need to add this or you'll lose everyone


There has to be a limited free to play mode of any new downloadable content I.E hunters/monster. The fact that I just wasted 15$ on a monster (Behemoth) that is the worst out of the 4, is kind of frustrating. Maybe give an hour of free play to let us decide if we really want to spend money on new hunters/monsters. Seriously though, I’m not touching that fat damage sponge until it’s fixed. Sorry for all the venting, but I was seriously hoping that the Behemoth would be good.


If telemetry shows that Behemoth is underpowered, he’ll be buffed.
Don’t worry about that :slight_smile:


I hope he will. It’s really noticeable at high level play that he is no good. All my tourney friends agree too that he’s really bad.


Really? Behemoth is a wrecking machine for me. I would love for him to get buffed.


what r u talking about he is op as fack just won 6 games in a row as him agaist lvl 40 elites teams


well they must suck lol


You’re talking about the #1 Krakken in the world right now. He does not suck. It’s apparent to all of the top level players that a coordinated team will wreck him. Of course you’re going to do well in pubs. Pubs contain no coordination and the fact that they have the elite skin means nothing. People in pubs suck.


It’s the first couple of days with behemoth, he’ll get fixed If you are patient


tourneys do not necessarily mean anything. Playing in a tournament and even winning one doesnt necessarily mean you are good.Behemoth isnt really bad, he is at the least mostly balanced, he just isnt being played right. Also, there are some damage bugs affecting him


Leaderboards dont mean much when its easy to move up through quitting. Also, from what i understand, leaderboards are affected by how much time you played, so that might be a strong indicated for the position in leaderboards. Also, being great playing kraken doesnt mean you know how behemoth works nor how he players, it just means you almost always play kraken. Just saying that you friend is 1 one kraken in the world is not enough reason to jsut except what you or he saids when your logic doesnt make sense.


pubs do not necessarily contain no coordination since ive played with ppl who didnt talk and we coordinated fine cause we communicated subconsciously. Also, behemoth just got out so ppl are still trying to get use to him and get good with him. If you guys are as good as u claim, u should have figured out how he is supposed to be played at least


well when u go into roll mode u eat x2 damage from all sources…that has been confirmed.

im under the suspicion that we are eating more damage than intended. as in i can shoot at its upper back as crow and see x2 multipliers like im hitting his guts.

behemoth isnt bad. hes pretty fucken strong but u cannot play like you play kraken, wraith, or goliath.

I too played against a great pre-made and lost 4 games in a row. my brain was killing me. cuz i had 2 strikes on the trapper and the stage 3 fight I had killed the medic and the trapper. sunny and torvald dropped 5 hp bars faster than any previous FOUR MAN SQUAD could do. and i dodged the first barrage when they were the last ones left…

so id say wait on it. itll get fixed for sure cuz behemoth is eating way more damage than he should be.


You could always play against them for a few rounds and see what you think.
But I suggest that if you have an issue with any DLC or gameplay element you should help TRS to improve it.