You need Moderators In the Steam Game Chat :)


If anyone even tries to chat in there all they get is pure spam, I have had to block over 20 people just to be able to chat with other people who like the game.

Just a though add a Volunteer Moderator from the forums to the Evolve Steam chat as well :slight_smile:


I feel that this would be better directed on 2K forums or to steam directly. TRS has no ability to moderate anything outside of this website.


I wish I could I am for some reason not able to login to the 2k forums :frowning:
I have tried many times it just takes me back, I think they have a bad JS that my filter is blocking :frowning:

Hopefully someone can pass the word on.


Well for some very ODD reason i am moderator in the group chat of Evolve.But the TRS Evolve Forum.I just remembered that i am in these 2 channels but someone has made me moderator and i don’t even know what that means.Anyway i’m just hanging out in the TRS Evolve Forum group chat.No need to be chatting with 2 thousand people in a steam group chat :stuck_out_tongue:


What @Maddcow said, it’s not really TRS’ realm of control. that said, i’m planning to talk with 2K about it after Beta, cause… you’re right. It’s a bit of a mess! I know they’ll be keen to help sort it too :slight_smile: We’re hoping to get in some helpful community members as regulars over there. Anyone interested?

EDIT: As you know, TRS and 2K are trying to be as present as possible all over the community, we promise to try our best to extend our reach further to places like this!


And this is why we love you @damjess + other devs :smiley:


I tried to stay in and talk but there were just so many spammers dropping in I spent more time blocking people then I was able to answer questions lol.