You need Maggie or Griffin to stop the Wraith


If you don’t get a Harpoon on her she can dodge every dome.


Lol no you don’t. Abes stasis grenades are far better than harpoons anyways.


Val/Caira, Cabot, Maggie, and any assault will wreck the wraith if they capture it in a non-hilly area. It’s still annoying.


Also, Val’s Tranquilizer darts work.


I’m not fond of the Wraith by any means. It’s not trapping that sucks, its being able to see it mainly for me. He’s fast and it’s tough to get an up on him.

I beat him a couple times with Griffin. Did play once with Abe. Got absolutely wrecked. Wraith moves so quickly that the stasis grenades don’t really seem to help too much. I’d take Griffin with the harpoon any day.


I dunno about that. Have you seen a Griffin surf a monster’s traversal? Easy domes.


Not at stopping movement abilities


She can just warp out of the stasis grenades she has to stop and melee to get rid of the harpoons.


Except that if she warps out of one stasis grenade she’s in another. And just wasted a traversal.


She can just warp upwards and she has more than oen which gives her plenty of ability to just warp up then twice in another direction


as a wraith player i assure you that Abe is the most annoying to face and those harpoons aren’t that great when i can just super nova, not to mention a harpoon will never stop me from escaping a dome sorry to tell you.


The point of the Harpoon Traps is to land the dome. You place them where she’ll be forced to run. You throw the dome, and she’ll be trapped every time. Sorry to tell you you’ve been playing against bad trappers.


You’re a bad trapper if you need harpoons to dome her. Sorry. I’ve never failed a dome on a wraith and don’t use harpoons. Tell your support to l2cloak. I’ve even domed her in because she got greedy with an abduct and I caught her in the middle of the animation.


A good Wraith will use triple stamina, and warp blast to dodge every one. You can’t rely on good supports every game, and it’s been tested that she can travel 110 m with her 4 movement making it easy to dodge any dome. If a Wraith is getting domed easily something is up.


And why does she have three transversals up? Because you’re not staying on her. She should not have three transversals up at any given time. If you’re up her ass she’s already burned them. I could go back and forth on this all day with you but you just want to bitch and complain like 90% of the playerbase that wraith is too hard.


Personally don’t have a problem with Wraith with any trapper, since I always try to cut them off and dome. Don’t think I’ve ever relied on traps to dome a monster.

It’s why I like Abe so much, as long as I’ve got the tracking dart on the Wraith - I’m now used to ignoring the decoy and the “fake” tracking symbol before going to cut the monster off to dome.


I’m not complaining. I’m saying that Maggie, and Griffin have a much easier time at trapping the Wraith. The Wraith isn’t OP I’m just saying Abe isn’t as good at doming her. I like the Wraith as a design and have no difficulty with her. I just think it’s easiest to dome a Wraith where you want her with Maggie/Griffin. You don’t want to dome just anywhere against a Wraith or you’re gonna get no damage.


good thing that even if she wasted 1 she sitll has 2 (3 counting the warp) and by the time she does all 4 stasis are done she stealthed thanks to decoy and the first traversal already regenerated…ah and yes you are 150 yards away from her.


Any trapper can deal with her. I just feel getting preferable domes, and not just catching her with a dome is best with the T1 and T2 Trappers.


I’ve stopped plenty of Wraiths by throwing the dome then immediately harpooning as Griffin