You know why the forums have so many "this is imbalanced posts?


Because when people lose, they get angry and come here to post. The problem is, there are 4 times as many hunters in a match then there are monsters. So it’s much more likely that people who lose are going to have lost as a hunter, and then come here to complain that monsters are OP.


That and those new players don’t realize that teamwork and team comps play a big role in the hunters winning. A new monster doesn’t need to rely on other players.


True, it only takes one good player to win with monster. Even 1 amazing hunter can’t usually save a team with 3 terrible hunters. Also teamwork is huge, even 4 good individual hunters have to work together or a good monster will always win.

I think the majority of gameplay changes done in Stage 2 were to address the difficulties of playing with random teammates. They have helped, but it is hard to see poor teamwork and poor positioning while a giant monster is destroying you.


Story of my life.

I kid! Sort of.


How many times do you lose before you come to the forums to declare something OP.

  • Once, I should never lose, this is ridiculous.
  • Second loss I come to the forums and turn on CRUISE CONTROL.
  • I consider around three times enough to declare a pattern worthy of telling the devs that they’ve broken the game entirely.
  • The fifth time I lose to something I rage.
  • I don’t really declare things imbalanced because the game is a beta and I assume they’re analyzing metadata and continually making balance changes without my insight?

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For any given player in any given game, their reality is reality. So if every time you encounter Wraith you lose, everyone else must also be experiencing that. Ultimately, we end up looking at the data to help drive decisions, but player perceptions and experiences are extremely important to us. So we appreciate when people come to relate their experiences.

Sometimes, a thing is well balanced, but if a lot of people come away feeling crappy about that feature, then we need to address something.

My only request as a dev is to keep the conversations and experience sharing constructive. :slight_smile:

So my point is… it’s ok that people come here to post about something coming across OP. We should have those conversations!


I get salty against certain hunters but I don’t create a post nerf this and buff that. I do complain on discord but that is just me in a salty mood after fighting a defensive comp I cannot bypass xD. I get over it though shortly.


I’ve said this before and I got attacked by (fill in blank) and (fill in blank) for voicing my opinion on this matter and they somehow tried to turn it on me as if I was bashing other people’s opinions when I wasn’t.


I enjoy this poll.

That first choice is exactly how it should be.


But on a serious note this happens in pretty much all games. In the end it’s up to the Devs if they should take a person’s opinion as a valid suggestion/opinion/statement or just a big pile of salt.


I should never lose! I am the absolute best!

One time I wasn’t paying attention, and a plant ate me! WTF!? A plant!? Like hell a plant is that good to sneak up on me and kill me in one hit! OP cheating plants! Do something devs, this is stupid, I am a god and these anus looking things keep marring my glory with their blatant OP bullshit hacks! They just teleport to where ever I am when I’m not paying attention and all on my own, its stupid!

And of course my team doesn’t help me because they’re out there playing ring around the rosey with some stupid spider looking thing no one even cares about in some sort of glitter circle! WTF!