You know what's the best thing in the world is


When you are forced to quit and take a loss because TRS can’t make proper servers. 1 in 3 games today have ended in a long laggy chase for 20 minutes just to end with everyone walking in place, and the best part is the game doesn’t even end. So you’re forced to quit, and take a loss that’s clearly not your fault. Between this and constant “protocol errors” the game is nigh unplayable.


Why do you care so much about a few extra losses? It’s not like the leaderboards matter


It’s not just the losses. It’s the fact that u play a game for 20 minutes and you can’t complete it And then u get a loss on top of it all. And some people do care about leaderboards, that’s why there in the game. It’s more about the fact that all these bugs shouldn’t be in a game of this caliber. Halo CE came out 15 years ago and has less than 1/10th of the bugs and matchmaking problems this game has.


When Halo CE came out on the MCC it was an absolute train wreck!

I agree that getting lagged out is very frustrating after spending so much time starting up the match… but I have a feeling that those cases are lagging due to the player’s internet connection or 2K’s servers not TRS’s fault.


MCC? and i have a landline open NAT PS4. The intensity of freezing and game drops has only started happening post patch. however ive been getting the occasional protocol error since launch.


Master Chief Collection. Was Halo CE online on PC or something? Cause it wasn’t online on Xbox.


I was gonna say the best thing is fighting a round with gobi spam, crow slow, and raining nukes and mortars from above while you crawl in the dirt… but yeah, yours works too.


More annoying than the leaderboard loss: the cancelled mastery!


yeah halo ce was on pc online and it was amazing,
I was somehow able to play it on an IBM T40 Laptop at the time lol


I thought the best thing in world was when you REAAAALLY need a wee. Like when you need it so bad that your whole body is quivering, your forehead sweating, you can’t concentrate, you don’t know if you can hold it any longer. You legitimately think you’re going to wet yourself.

Then you get to a toilet and go.

The indescribable relief afterwards.

That’s the best thing in the world.


Masteries don’t get cancelled/stopped…


I’m pretty sure they do if the game freezes, but they don’t with protocol error. Got elite hyde when I got kicked and I still had it.


Only on the internet, and this forum in particular, do people use the word “nigh”.

It drives me ape shit. Not sure why, but it does.


They definetly do


The original Halo CE MP was only online for PC. Xbox didn’t have the services at that point.


Why would they if you get in-game notifications stating how far you’ve reached your elite status… (like the ‘…% elite weapon’)


Cos they do


I just find it highly unlikely masteries get ‘cancelled’ when you earn them mid-game… It’s not like a crash stops them from saving…


It is actually


can you at least prove any of this or give a source, cause all you’re doing now is claim something is true/false without anything to actually back you up