You know what's fun?

When Steam decides to reset your progress in Evolve and the first match you get, as a level one with no perks, is against a level 40 premade team.

Good times.

The sad part being I lost all my stuff but oh well.

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Wasn’t even a challenge. I vented my frustration on them.

Give me a real fight.

reset? noooooo… : '(

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Welp. Hope you can recover your stats one way or another.
Or you know you could just tough it and uh… redo… umm… you know… EVERYTHING.

I don’t think it’s possible for PC players to recover progression, sooo…I guess I’ll do it all again. I can unlock my characters fairly easily, but I’ll miss my Elite Skins. I did them all in Matchmaking as well. So. DIFFICULT. >.<

Cry every time. Well gl hf. Go show Shear whats up. :smile: :+1:

Oh I will. I’m going to feed off the tears of many Hunters now.

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