You know what this is right? TU09?


Let’s face it.

TU09 has too many features.

New abilities. New stats. New Perks. New Maps. New Progression. New characters. Call it what it is,

a free downloadable sequel. a free sequel. a freesequel…

a freequel.

All hail the freequel.

Yes. I’m bored.


The only reason it can’t be called a sequel in any serious way is because it will overwrite the original game! I’m with you though :wink:


Or you could call it a re-release :smiley:



Dat ish gud yesh?


Holy shit, I’m making Freequel a thing.


Coming to theaters near you, Star Wars, a New Freequel.
I don’t know what that means.


i hope it’s better than the actual Prequels…







They’re adding new perks which, I assume, means more levels.

Assault shields now mitigate damage instead of negating it, supports now give the team shields instead of cloaks, and trappers now have a map-wide compass they can regularly ping to give directions to the monster because every hunter has a dome now.

They’re improving upon 4 or 5 of the maps. I’ve heard nothing about entirely new ones.

Hyde and Lazarus adaptations are expected to come with the patch.


That sounds really exciting, I read up on that a bit, and I really want a jump boost+jetpack fuel perk now…

I… kind of like that.

I’m just worried about how the cooldown will work. 4 domes with separate cooldowns just seems too powerful… and giving them all one cooldown will end with people getting angry at the assault wasting the dome.

This is super exciting, holy guacamole! :smiley:


A free sequel
A free sequel
A free sequel


All hail the Freequel.



Far as I know, each hunter’s dome is on its own cooldown. To compensate, each cooldown is substantially longer than that of the current dome. For the monster, little should change for how the experience actually plays out.

Also, one more thing that’s being changed is the tasks needed to complete character masteries. The absurd tasks such as Gorgon’s “trap 10 hunters in a match 40 times” are to be replaced with something more reasonable.


Just a note, no new characters are launching with the Summer Update. One will follow shortly after tho :slight_smile:


Any word on when C-Bucketfall is gonna drop? :3 hopefully in time for more copyright infringement :bucket_sentrygun:


I want a titan bucket, so I can fall from the drop ship and kill everyone.

“Stand by for BucketFall”


Beautiful :bucket_sentrygun: :heart: :bucket_sentrygun:


Nice! could you tell us what hunter category the new hunter will be…? also are you releasing the variants in this summer TU all at once or staggered?


Man that would be pretty cool. The Bucketfall puns would be all over the place.

I can say that a T2 Hunter will be getting a variant first :slight_smile: We are prob going to go one at a time, the new variants we’ve been working on bring a lot more to the table compared to before, so having them go out one a time seems like the best way to keep a steady balance of content and gameplay stability.