You know what really grinds my gears


It really grinds my gears when I don’t violate the sites terms of use, but because I say something others don’t like I find myself being harassed. Funny thing is, the ones harassing me ARE violating the terms of use. I made a thread complaining about the game and some issues I noticed, but the way it was typed up was not to the liking of these other users. Did I use foul language? Nope. Not at all. My language is very g rated especially compared to most people on here. A moderator changed the title of my thread because it was “off putting” but didn’t violate any rules. I changed it back, but changed it a bit to make the mod happy. Then another user comes along, a regular, and feels the need to change the title. The title was changed several times and a discussion took place that was not even necessary. They harassed me and said “Okay, you’re one of those people.” So even though I did nothing wrong, I get attacked, but people that are wrong get to do whatever. This really grinds my gears.

Grinds my gears almost as much as throwing up a rockwall as Behemoth and nothing comes up at all.

Or leaping away as Goliath, but you travel like 2 inches because you bumped a twig on the ground.

Also, killing wildlife for a snack, but the body falls through the map. Gone. Denied. No strider snack for you.

The biggest gear grinder of all… Games ending in disconnection. Especially when I’m about to win.

That’s all I can think of for now. I’m sure everyone else has something too.


If you feel like you’ve been unfairly treated, do show me the thread. I am a little concerned at the moment. Link?



Hmm. I feel like the Regular edits were uncalled for.

I’ll have a word with the user in question.


Thank you.
It doesn’t bother me that someone doesn’t like my viewpoints, but being childish and abusing power bugs me.


I think we just need to set some things straight with when and when not to use power, and the extent to which you use it.


Is this a topic for random people to vent or…? :stuck_out_tongue:


Pretty much. I can admit I was heated when I set it up. I’ve missed out on soo many wins from this. I do love this game, despite the bugs here and there.


I hate losing wins to bugs. Especially against cocky opponents.

Our Hank fell through the world today. AGAIN.

And it bothers me that bodies ONLY fall through the map when Laz is around…


Omg yes! I swear the only time bodies fall through is when I use Laz.


I know right? :stuck_out_tongue: It’s so weird. Like the game is trolling you.


The first time I noticed I ran across the map to find they fell through.

Now that I think about it… Hank does seem to fall through the most. I’ve seen and played as Hank falling through more than any other hunter. Lol. :joy:


~Removed.~ :slight_smile:



Forget opinions and forget criticism, we aren’t tolerating personal attacks here.


Yes when i first joined i was met with hostility because, like many people i only joined to complain about things :stuck_out_tongue: they just want to defend a game they love even when they know ur complaints are legit


Nothing personal but speaking in general.


You can close this thread if you like. I don’t want it to stir anything up.


If you want me to, I will.


Yeah go for it. I don’t see anything positive coming coming from it.