You know what I've noticed?


The wraith has a similar head to goa magara from the monster hunter series lol


I think it looks like an uncircumcised penis.


Um, I’m unsure what kind of uncircumcised pensises you’ve been looking at but alright then!


I know a guy that could provide us some insight.


Are you saying it’s not normal for them to look like that? I better go to the doctor. :frowning:


Yep if it looks like a giant space mermaid ninja assassin of death… you better get it checked out


@SmokeMassTree obviously has penis on the brain… wait.


That would explain why he think his looks like a head… I mean, if thats where his is, he is really comparing his head to hers…


Lets further explore this great train of thought. Choo Choo. All aboard penistrain


Nope, actually I think this is my stop… have fun with that ride…