You know what? I hate Stage 2. This is why


Lets add onto the list of bull that @Hexin_Ex brought up.

TRS nerfs Wraith’s speed and the mobility of her abilities

And now? Wraith has no invisibility and has lost her defining tool - stealth. Please note that this is after she was already capable of being visible briefly when shot during her cloak.

@Hexin_Ex predicted Behemoth would be nerfed to the ground. I present to you :

Guess what we say about Behemoth now? He became underpowered.

Other shit that comes to mind:

  • Gorgon has lost her pounce damage boost, another defining trait that marked a unique playstyle and rewarded intelligent players.

  • Pouncing is useless now, especially with the constant Heal Burst and Party-wide Shield spam which served to majorly buff hunters meanwhile Pouncing received repeated nerfs. You’re only hurting yourself as a Monster to do measly pouncing damage - again, even the Monster designed for Pouncing had her unique pounce bonus removed - meaning she used to do respectable damage, but now a defining trait of hers as an ambusher is gone.

  • On the topic of “Ambushing”: Who actually manages this against a group of half decent hunters? A hunter would need the awareness of a tomato to be ambushed with the plethora of tracking options now available.

  • Ability Bloat and Creep : Why should Assault have up to five different mitigators for damage when they shit out so much damage? (P. Shield, Support Shield(+ other Support Shielding ie Hank), Medic Heal, Medic BURST Heal.) - Trapper, Medic have up to four mitigation options.

The list goes on, but I’m too tired and I’m bouncing between uninstalling and installing the game – again.

Not good, TRS. Start showing Monster players some love, please.

Also, I’ll be expecting a strong negative response as most of the people here seem to want Hunters to be the Overpowered Boss Monster (as said by the devs quite some time ago), so let those disagreements fly, boys.

Why is so unbalanced against monster?

I think I speak for just about the entire population when I say this…
Thank you Trs for getting rid of stealth.


Monster players got a whole lot of love. I’ve never felt better playing monster.

If you had fun fleeing til 3 or trying to avoid hunters until the most opportune moment then your experience has been lessened, sure… but for the greater good.

There are reasons this game has changed, and this will unfortunately mean certain types of players hate those changes. However many more players hated the way it was, and they stopped playing the game, so a change was necessary to give this game a future :slight_smile:


No kidding, and please @GeneDaMonster please be a little bit more respectful when saying your opinions.

This game is supposed to be balanced and it still is in the making, notice the hotfix the was released after a day of TU9 out. If the game isn’t for you than please I would say don’t play


The only reason why the game will live now is because the minority of Monster players have gotten a big ‘fuck you’ meanwhile the majority - Hunters have gotten a bunch of pats on their casual backs.


I find it funny how this is mostly a rant about monster being nerfed. As far as I’ve noticed by playing, monsters still are extremely powerful and easy to snowball out of control.

Regarding wraith, the stealth was slightly toxic, but she is now one of the strongest monsters in the game because monsters seem to have received a small boost to their traversal regen, and wraith still has her crazy traversal “explodey” skill. Additionally, her new decoy is overpowered as hell!

I’d rather be a monster fighting throughout the entire game than a mouse that flees until it becomes big enough.


You know, Wraith is really, really powerful now, regardless of the loss of stealth.[quote=“GeneDaMonster, post:1, topic:89437”]
her defining tool - stealth

As much as TRS wanted that to be her defining trait, it never truly was IMO. I think it’s fine that they got rid of it now.


Agreed, people seem intent on trying to make out that monsters are in a worse space, but I beg to differ, strongly.

  • I now have 4 abilities at stage 1
  • If I’m caught in a dome I can usually make the dome a good one for me, since it’ll center on my position, and I always know my position.
  • Smell range and duration is increased, helping with the point above
  • Stamina is better for getting away from a dome
  • I can always get away from a dome with no more than 20-25% health damage thanks to the new mechanics, and because of the mechanics and extra ability point usually with a strike.

Everything that was stressful about being a stage 1 monster has literally been removed from the game, and the opportunity to get to stage 2 evolution (which is still stronger than a stage 2 monster before this F2P update) is better than it’s ever been thanks to the larger maps with more routes around.

This isn’t even to mention the fact that fighting as a goliath feels MUCH more natural now, much more intuitive and much less frustrating.

I reject thoroughly the notion monsters have been screwed over, it’s never been a better time for people to pick up monster and feel they can own that role.


In regards to wraith, I feel like they went the right way with her. You have to think about the enjoyment for both monster AND hunter. Wraith was usually the dullest monster to hunt as most of the time she would flee till she was strong enough and take advantage by ambushing the hunters out of nowhere. Sure, it can be fun constantly running, hiding, decoying and eating till you’re strong enough, but it’s not fair for the hunters. It looks like the new wraith is funner to fight against. Seems like turtle rock are doing what they can to make the game enjoyable for both sides. I mean, they really are trying, and by the looks of it, succeeding. They deserve praise for everything they’ve done to bring this game back, and making it more enjoyable for both sides.


Yaaaaasss. Thanks.


I’ll start off saying I don’t have any experience with the new monster feel, as I play on Xbox One, but I’ve watched a good bit of videos and streams, and I know how the game felt beforehand.

As other people have commented, I think the doing away with Pounce as all around utility move is for the best. The pounce should have only been a maneuver meant for finishing off the last Hunter or punishing a Hunter who had strayed from the group. Using the Pounce as a tactic in a Dome never seemed right to me, personally.

As for ambushing, yeah, that shouldn’t be a thing in general, either, I would say. When four player controlled characters are hunting a monster, how in the world do you expect to ambush them? Again, unless it’s just some hapless Hunter who has wandered off by themselves, I don’t see how this could ever be a reliable mechanic, nor do I think it should. The game’s new focus on multiple confrontations, pitting skill against skill, seems much more enjoyable.

The point you make about bloat and creep make a little less sense to me. The Assault’s personal shield before this update also mitigated damage, just in a different way. True, there is the addition of the Support’s shield ability, but ideally you’d have these hunters spread out, or be punishing them pretty hard for grouping up close enough together.

As a final point, from what I have seen, the Monster wins the majority of the time. I don’t have telemetry to back that up, of course, and a lot of it could be from the influx of new Hunter players… but if you watch some of MaddCow’s matches against actual TRS people, he wins pretty handily in some of them. If the Monsters were truly so much worse off and not shown enough love, I doubt that situation could happen so often.


Do you call supports cloak removal a pat on the back for hunters? Do you call Assault’s shield removal a pat on the back?

Everything TRS did in Stage 2 was to remove toxic gameplay.

In return, monsters received 1 more ability point at both stage 1 and 2 to make them stronger in combat. They can now regenerate armor much faster in a dome. There is a slim-to-none chance of a god dome being purposely placed. Monsters can now traverse across the map because out-of-combat stamina was removed, meaning monsters can successfully get away and armor up without problems of the hunters being right behind.

Let’s hone in on some major monster changes:

  • Wraith. Her decoy was only good for “tricking” hunters into thinking it was the actual Wraith, assuming the hunters didn’t know how to counter the decoy. And decent Hunter group knew if the wraith was a decoy and where the actual wraith was, so decoy was bar-none useless in a battle.

  • Gorgon. Her wall pounce was completely broken when she was released. It was never suppose to do a major amount of damage. It was to catch players off-guard, not kill them in the process.

  • Behemoth. He was always broken, from his AI placing rockwalls in awkward positions to having 1 animal break his rolling momentum. Unfortunately balancing him isn’t easy, and there are horrible repercussions that can occur from changing something dramatically.


Both Wraith an Behemoth are exemplary this patch though. They took her stealth, but that was a “toxic”, broken and boring mechanic anyway. Now she’s a good skirmisher. She works well and fits. If anything, Decoy does too much damage.

Behemoth hasn’t even been rereleased. Founders who’ve played him however, such as myself, seem to like him. I think he’s strong enough.


As for monsters in general, I think it’s on equal grounds for the most part now. The game is nearly perfectly balanced, I think.



Plethora of tracking options now? You mean the one extra tracking option. The one that vaguely points in the general direction of the monster.

They also either removed or nerfed carrion birds rate into nothing. I’ll take the new trapper ability over carrion birds any day as a monster.

If you’re a smart monster player you can use the vagueness of the new trapper ability to pull off serious jukes.


No, you don’t. At this state of the game sneaking is useless. I loved hiding in a bush when I had low hp just to avoid getting killed. Now it’s just run, feed, get domed, fight, evolve, run, eat, get domed, fight, evolve. There is no depth anymore. The only depth so far are the perks. If you fight against a skilled crew, you won’t be able to get distance or lose them. Ping at the start, so they know the general direction, after that they spread out so you can’t sneak back without getting caught. What I like about it is that new player, that used to play Wraith, are now forced to fight instead of running 20 minutes. But I already heard about 2 rounds where the Wraith player mitigated the whole dome time and lost due to time running out. But yeah, in general, I don’t enjoy that fast paced mechanics on a high skill level


Hunter players got it easy? Your joking right? Monster players got it easy right now i usual don’t play monster but when i do its pretty much a steamroll unless im against a 4 man team who all know what to do


Emphasis on just about.


The planet scanner is a bit better than vaguely pointing, I think, since it not only outlines you from about 80 meters away but it gives hunters a huge tip for your location, but I completely agree. The removal of Carrion Birds made monsters much, much stronger early on, in my opinion.

And yes juking the Scanner is easy. For example running down one route early game, then when you’re scanned, which is usually soon, take a sharp turn. By the time they can scan again, you’re usually near Stage 2.