You know how we can solve the monster problem in Shear?


With an even bigger monster. It worked once.







Why not this method. It is proven to work faster and probably cheaper than making a monster with Genetics.


No, that’s bad rep for hub. I think they’d want to manage it something with a little more used for their propaganda.

Remember it is the only way.


Ooooor we could resolve our issue calmly and quietly, with no violence involved. :slight_smile:



Damn you beat me to it!


Simple sollution = Best Solution :hyde_cute:


SinoZoo helmet Behemoth injected with Parnell Juice? Seems legit.


Psssssh, what we need are giant robots.

  1. They’re awesome.
  2. Chicks dig giant robots.


Why don’t we just use the Jurassic Park fanbase uses for all their problems? Use a T.Rex? Cuz T.Rex is God and kills everything. All praise our lords and savior T.Rex.


In case you’ve forgotten that’s what created Godzilla.


They did, until JP3 came…


Godzilla likes us :smiley:


Maybe, but I doubt Godliath does.


Then something happened in the fanbase. Tears were shed. Jimmies were rustled. And so many people screamed that the world tilted exactly 0 degrees and us sane people gave 0 cares.


Godliath as in a mix of Godzilla and Goliath for those that didn’t get it.


Must say, the spinosaurs did kick its ass, OMG YES.

Jurassic world ftw, we use genetics to win this, we infuse humans with monster DNA, human monsters, so to say.