You have been left behind. What is your plan?


So the Hunters have completed the evacuation, the major corporations have left, and there are no more Ebonstar/security forces left. What do you do?




Evolve… obviously :stuck_out_tongue:


Live as a free Goliath with no worries other than those damn Behemoths that eat everything because they’re so big and selfish.


Gain the trust and support of the mammoth birds, and use their power to enslave the monsters.


step 1: realize I am dead meat.
step 2: begin crying.
step 3: repeat step 2 until I die or am rescued.

  1. Fashion a crown.

  2. Fashion a shamanistic staff.

  3. Become crazy.

Edit: Step 3 unessecary, already did it.


We must supply them with our finest food and women!


Nay, I say kill them all. Get an elite group of famous monsters to save the planet Shear from the terror that is Mammoth Birds.


Your plan will fail, for we have nothing they want. I offer them only a challenge.


Continue the hunt. It’s a long road to Hub.


look at the other monster and smiled Were going on a trip on my favorite rocket ship. Go to other world and let us devoured.


Go off and hunt the real thing I’m interested in in the Evolve Universe… the Orrion Terrorsaurs. Or, If I’m the monster, befriend the wonderful Terrorsaurs. “They’re big, bigger than anything on this planet.”, “Was tracking it down when Cabot and the lot came to talk to me.” ~ Griffin :griffin_2:

What?!?!?!? [Q about 5th monster rumour]

Remove monster.


Where’d ya get that line


Which one? They are both in-game from one single Drop Ship Dialogue between Hyde and Griffin. I can try to recite the entire dialogue if you want me too?


Ok I decided on what I would do

  1. Have false hopes about being found
  2. Try to find reason
  3. Make peace with the fact I’m 100% F*cked
  4. Find a Blitzleopard cub
  5. Take it
  6. Name him Jimbo
  7. Make shelter, teach Jimbo how to hunt striders
  8. Raise Jimbo like a son, cuz he’s one chill dude
  9. Thrive a bit
  10. Prolly get found by monsters
  11. Find out how monsters “Work” cuz F*ck am I curious
    12A. Die a horrible death cuz ya know, monsters.
    12B. Ride Jimbo off into the sunset cuz i’m a boss like that.
    12C. Thats for me to know and you to find out, secret plans are secret ^.-


Hyde : Eh, Griff, you know what that big head thing is Cabot’s got mounted here on the ship?
Griffin : I should, I killed the bloody thing! The head of a lesser Orrion Terrorsaur. Was tracking that one when Cabot and the lot came to talk to me.
Hyde : (He might have a line here, idk…)
Griffin : They’re big, bigger than anything on this planet. One hell of a hunt. Experience of a lifetime right there.
:griffin_2: :hyde_2: :heart_eyes:

5th Monster has been here all along? Theory

Don’t know the exact wording, but the monsters we face are also way smarter than the Orrion Terrorsaur’s. That’s why this hunt is more challenging and interesting to Griffin. It is in the next few lines in that sequence.


Where can i find this “Big head thingy”?