You guys want Behemoth early?


There is a website out there called G2A who is selling Monster Expansion Pack codes, which you activate through Steam. You can basically get Behemoth for 2 dollars. You’re welcome!

EDIT: Here is the link to it!


Wasn’t this like… well known already?

But erm I don’t know if it’s allowed to post G2A or similar site URL’s on this forum. It’s certainly forbidden on the Steam Forums.


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I don’t think we can do this


Thou have summoned me, and I appeared!

Ahum, that aside, linking to third party re-sellers is allowed although we are not responsible for anything that might result out of it (confirmed with the other leaders/mods)

As for Steam forums, I think it is not allowed because it is a store platform itself and wants to promote its own content. I think…


Just making sure it was okay :stuck_out_tongue:


G2A is pretty well known both for it’s prices and sometimes horrible scamming and ripoffs.


Off course, better to be safe than sorry.:wink:


Ah, I used it and didn’t have a problem. Lol.


I am NOT associated with them, just wanted to help. C:


Yes, a lot of the time people who buy from them don’t have a problem and so they think nothing of it. No problem, I just got a cheap key for Steam.

I would strongly urge people to not support companies such as G2A, especially for games that you enjoy and want to support the developers. No money from these sites will go to the people who spent years of their life making a game that you’re having fun playing.


I’ll stick to CDKeys, but thanks anyway


The site G2A itself is fine and legit, but you are buying from 3rd party sellers since G2A is a marketplace. The scam stuff is from 3rd party sellers if you happen to make purchase from a scammer afaik. You are basically making purchase at your own risk from 3rd party through G2A site.


You have a good point. I would never do this unless something I really want is cheap.