You guys ready to crush everyone in Multiplayer?


Gonna see if I’m able to 1v1 some of these monsters with Abe :smiley:.


You do that and I think you’ll be the one being crushed :stuck_out_tongue:


Abe only needs his mustache to win the game.


I’m going to go for some far abducts


I’m going to have to practice monsters that aren’t Kraken, so I won’t be super easy to counter in a tournament setting >_>


Gonna crush monster players as trapper.

Just as long as pugs listen to me


Yeah that’ll be the hard thing :stuck_out_tongue:


I will definitely have to practice on wraith. I’m very good with Goliath, not super good with Kraken. But somewhat adept.


I’m feeling pretty bad for the players i’ll face in my first matches against Goliath.I mean okay against forum peoples will be good matches but some poor people will just buy this to play and get anihiliated :confused:


I think that I’ll be more of a crushee than a crusher.


Just go easy on them. Make it fun for them :smiley:


I always finish my games as soon as i get Stage 2 i’m not that guy :slight_smile:

Also i didn’t want to sound cocky.I meant it in the way that some of us already have 80+ hours on the game and we will probably face people who are playing for their first time ever :slight_smile:


Veterans are gonna have an easy time climbing the level ladder as monster. At least try to give the new guys some advice before you go into game. It’s a nice gesture.


@WiBaKi. Ik it should be a beautiful and glorious thing, right?


Glorious not yet.
When i meet people who are good,or think they are good and IF i manage to beat them,then yes,it will be glorious :slight_smile:


I did that in a match against a monster player, and he came closer than his first attempt. Then I whooped him as the same monster in the following match.


As soon as my internet stops being a butt and starts working better I will definitely be wrecking some unlucky monster’s dinner plans!