You guys might want to figure out the Steam forums


It’s a mess and full of double standards. I wouldn’t mind asking for a refund but I’m sure that money is all twisted up in something I can’t even get back.

Using hyperbole gets you banned though, and all I originally was trying to do was actually give advice to players having a rough go. I enjoy the game, and wish I were able to enjoy the game. Perhaps I was a fool to think Steam forums was capable of competent moderation (it is).

At this point, I’m pretty whatever, the whole situation leaves a poor taste in my mouth.

Honestly you guys made all of your money because of Steam and this is how much that has been learned? Eh. Who knows, perhaps it’s 2k’s job to manage the community. It’s super disheartening however. Sucks that watching a game get mismanaged this hard might just leave it to being something with a player base for a month rather than a year.

Woooo… whatever, I guess this should’ve been expected. I mean I got banhammered from the forums of a M rated game for profanity… defending your game because people can’t stop the complaining. Uhm… if you aren’t going to sell your game, who will? (Bitching and shit, once each, are really hardcore swears)

And honestly whoever you’re paying to do said moderating, (if you’re not paying them, where’s my money going?) and swing the axe a bit. They obviously aren’t doing what they are being paid to do.


TRS has nothing to do with the Steam forums.


They can help though. Someone should… I dunno. It’s irritating.


What exactly is happening?You mean people flaming a lot and moderators aren’t there to do something?Or moderators are being to harsh?


No, they really can’t. They have no jurisdiction there. If you have an issue you should file it with the Steam mods or Valve.


You don’t know enough to make this statement.

Some of this forum’s mods are also mods on Steam Forums. Now, you could get the actual steam moderation to help, but these people are mostly just showing off their power. Had a friend get community banned for saying that he doesn’t like them.

Then, steam forums are always gonna blow. Where can I go if I dislike the game and want to hate on people who don’t? Oh, I know! SCUD!

Lastly, there is nothing anyone can do right now. How are you going to stop them? You’re just giving them a way to say ‘omfg oppression u suk TRS’.

There is no way out. Heck, even the f*cking review section is full of people downvoting any positive reviews so the game gets a bad rating.


Literally nothing they can do. This may come as a surprise, but the Steam forums, are part of Steam. And not in fact, TRS.


I actually don’t even care about the forums.What i care tho is that Evolve has “Mixed” Reviews because people who don’t even have the game in their library are able to review the game because they played the Alpha.This is really bad because me and many other people are making up their mind if a game is worth it by seeing steam reviews.Take the review straight from players.But people now think that the game is being reviewed by people who played and don’t like the game.

@DamJess I know you probably can’t do nothing.But is there a way to not allow people who had Alpha in their steam account to be able to review the game?For some reason Alpha and Retail version has the same “number” or something in steam so basically everyone who played Alpha are allowed now to review the game even tho they don’t have it


Yep, same steam ID. It’s really, really stupid.


you got banned for saying profanity?
profanity isn’t allowed on steam, whatever forum, it is their policy.
Also it doesn’t matter what the game is rated as in relation to the forum

i still do not understand what your ban has to do with TRS,…


I do not know who banned you, however, I tend to modify out cuss words or delete posts that’re really over the top. I don’t have as much control over there as I do here in terms of how to go about handling posts but usually if what somebody says is offensive it gets removed. Usually the folks who get banned have some sort of record of behavior. Steam and the moderators I know are trying to cut back on some of the wild obscenities flying around…it’s possible you just got caught up in the crosshairs but without seeing your posts right now, I can’t say why you were banned.

I don’t find it necessary to use cuss words to explain any game mechanics to anyone. It can be VERY frustrating trying to moderate those forums and there are times when it just needs to get washed. I realize the game is Rated M for mature but that doesn’t mean a public forum for the game allows M-rated language. Usually, forum must maintain PG-13 at least. I’m sorry for what happened to you over there, but at least here you will find a more amicable community to discourse with, not a lot of trolls.