You guys are gonna love what i just found


So, here i was playing ( YAY ) my first evolve round at the press, and i saw this:

This proves behemoths destroyed factor, and there is a egg-layer.
I also have some images on why shear is so important, but the most interesting is above.

Talk about stroke of luck.

Ok seriously guys, who's making the eggs

I saw your linked Shear one first and then the image swapped :stuck_out_tongue:


Sush, acidents happen xD

But this is quite the interesting talk i found here, the dumb AI kraken evaded my low detective skills and got to stage 3, i was at the relay.


Grats on getting the game to work though :slight_smile:


Lol madcow cracking down on people and I sad I don’t have evolve in lyfe yet :’(
that quote though gtfo lmao


Nice one. 10chars


Jess gave me a hand, i had a duplicate file hidden DEEEEEEP within my game, it didn’t delete upon redownloading.

So, right now we know what destroyed factor, and that there is indeed an egg layer, which means the monsters most likely work like the Zerg race in starcraft, the eggs contain the genes for each monster, and then the alphas will hatch them acording to their needs.


Called it! :smiley:


Hey, i with the biggest stroke of luck since the big alpha found it takes credit


I will give you credit for posting the picture first. However, the Behemoth being part of Maggie’s background was in another thread. However, I will still give you an extra credit anyway :smiley:


Dang, well, at least we have solid evidence now.


You’re a little late friendo


Don’t worry i first saw it by you.

Hope that counts


Also, with regards to the ‘egg layer’, I’m not 100% she is talking about the egg layer. I’m thinking it’s the 5th Monster and it has the ability to make minions/creatures. I know they didn’t enjoy the parasite monster because of too much AI, but some type of swarmer seems feasible.


Actually when i read it i thought exactly what Maddcow says.It was about the 5th monster.


She spoke on it as the ‘‘egg layer’’ so im saying it the same was she said, even now, im unsure of what to make of this egg layer, only thats it must be key for the monster invasion on planets and problably works behind the cover of the monsters.

Unfortunadely i forgot what the screenshot key was so i missed some of the conversation :confused:


brood-mother spider monster confirmed


And Traversal spider-man like swinging across Shear.I’d buy that DLC


It’s possible the 5th monster is the one laying the eggs from Nest and blasting them into space. Maybe she spawns mini Goliaths :smiley: haha… OP


Lol, nerf plz.