You Guys Are Awesome


I don’t know what I expected would happen when we released Evolve and people got to play with the characters we made and see the world and backstory we created, but I certainly didn’t expect people to engage with it as much as you all have.

Threads like the Kala Dialog thread and the Kala Story thread make me feel incredibly lucky to be part of this game and happy to be part this community.

I’m a Dungeons and Dragons Game Master at heart, so when you ask questions, I usually know the answer, but I think it’s more fun for the players to wonder, debate, and play the game. And you folks have come up with some amazing theories, lots of people at the office watch those threads and come up to me saying “Did you see that one post?! OMG!”

We love making this stuff, this world, these characters, this game, and we love the way you guys interact with it. Thanks for making this game yours.


It’s super late and I don’t know why I’m up this late but man I gotta say, I absolutely adore evovle! Just the mere concept of the game had me more excited than a school girl shopping for a prom dress…if that makes any sense ha, I mean playing as a badass monster like wraith!? Gorgon!? Goliath!! Ahh I was super stoked and was in full support of your game (in fact evolve was the only game that I participated in a beta version ha) I plan on supporting you guys till the end! Which hopefully won’t be soon ha


I love this game and love this forum. You are an awesome writer I have never been so into game lore before in my life. I love going on here and reading what you have to say and what others come up with. I spend more time than I should at my part time job reading lore and theories on lore for this game.


We enjoy your stories, Mathew. ^^;;

I will certainly treasure them.


MATT YOU ARE SO FUCKING AWESOME! WE SHOULD BE THANKING YOU! You breath life into this game with your insanely good storytelling and ability to instill a sense of wonder to the game and community! LOVE YOU MAN! (Strictly plutonic)
Can I get next dibs for D&D with you?


And thank you for for bringing this to us. Without you the community wouldn’t be the same!


It would be cool run a D&D game for the community.

Actually what would be cool is if we played a game where there were four players, roughly corresponding to assault, Trapper, medic, support, and we used 4 Turtle Rockers as proxy players at the table.

Each player would have their own chat channel and they’d do whatever the community collectively told them to do. So everyone watching the assault would be ‘controlling’ the assault player.

That way everyone could play!

Eh, probably a bad idea. Impossible to implement.


hey man, you’re an amazing writer and you’re work on evolve is awesome.

as long as this isnt some goodbye thread i’m good!


I like the backstory of Evolve so much I find myself considering writing fan fiction for it myself. I don’t think I’ve ever considered doing that for any video game I’ve played. I’ve run Dark Heresy and Deathwatch campaigns in the past (WH40K Roleplay) but a video game’s backstory has never made me just sit and think about the characters this much. It certainly helps that these are some of the most believable people in any sci-fi shooter ever, and that’s a genre I frequent. This crew of characters is so cool, I just like to imagine what they do in their spare time between drops, the conversations they’d be having about their lives, and their interactions with each other.

I think that my writing skill is better than the average person, but still total shit compared to people that do it for a living. That awareness of my writing MMR being Bronze tier (only writers are in this matchmaking system, regular people don’t play) keeps me from doing it more. Maybe I’ll give it a shot anyway though some time.


the honoredness is real omg


Also, I literally just got back home from my first day ever playing D&D, and I loved it, and this should be a thing.

P.S: Also, my DM said I have one of, if not THE edgiest D&D character he’s ever seen. I based him off of Abe, and I thank you for that.


The stories are absolutely great and the dialogue thread is very interesting. I was wondering if you planned on releasing more stories for the other hunters? Also I really loved Val’s story being my favorite hunter, just wished it was longer so I could enjoy it more.


Hugs to Matthew! Wish I could in real life!


You just gotta believe! And damn, I would luuuuuuurv to play D&D based around the Evolve universe!

See what you could do is, with every channel, the TRS player explains the situation and gives us a couple of options and we vote say “option 1” or “option 2” and the one that gets the most votes is the action taken!

And stream it.

I… I’m sorry it’s like… Kind of a dream now to meet all you guys, you’re so amazeballs!


That’s a lovely sentiment Matthew, and I think most of us would agree that the fiction you’ve written has only made us closer to this game and our favorite characters in it. The Devs for this game are some of the most open and kind individuals I’ve ever had the pleasure of interacting with, You included. From day one TRS has made a conscious effort to not be a faceless company churning out changes with little regard for it’s community, It’s been in a dialogue with us since Beta and it persists today. You have been no small part of that Matthew. Thank you Matthew and Thank you to the rest of the TRS dev team.

Here’s some bearded approval for you.


There’s so much love here, we’re greatful that you’ve made such an amazing game and that you’ve stuck with us for so long.
@Matthew you’re awesome man keep up the great work.


Want to be honest on this, i’m a huge borderlands fan and i loved a lot its story but i have to say this: you, sir, are the greatest writer i’ve ever seen. Among all the games i’ve played, borderlands included, you are the greatest to let the people get interested directly into the lore. I have never seen a forum like this where 75% of threads were about lore. You sir are the real MVP of the situation, you make the mysteries work at their best.
Because people here, me included, love to speculate around the facts given (and not given) in the lore.


Thank you for helping create one of my favorite titles in a long time, it’s a game I keep coming back to every day. Even with the sagging player base I marvel at the effort and ideas that were executed here. It’s a gem of a game amongst the sea of the rest.

P.S kraken needs some tinkering lol


As an outsider, I have to agree.

Very few gaming fanbases have this sort of passion for lore. I’m from the Souls fanbase so I see it pretty constantly. Seeing it in other games is neat.


Dude, you’re amazing. Just sayin’. I’ve been aspiring to be an author for years now. When I get to see people who not only write for a living, but write like this… it’s just amazing. It gives me hope that one day I’ll be able to achieve something like that! To be honest, I was deterred from working on games before. But now that I’ve found a new love in concept art as well as my life-long story writing, my hope has been rekindled.

Honestly, I love how you don’t just give out answers. I love figuring things out. I love the conversations between the characters. I love seeing how they react to the scenery around them. (Nice touch, by the way. Listening to Abe tease Caira about tires or Markov teach Val about weather stations(?) is awesome) I’ve seen a few games that really are awesome at this (like Dragon Age and The Elder Scrolls series) but this has a face. The writing, the stories, the pictures, the scenery… it all has personality and it all has people behind it.

I seriously need to get those books you wrote because the stories you have right now are phenomenal. I just adore reading them! <3