You guys are amazing, Gridom is growing!


Just a heads up from the guys at Gridom!
Since Evolve got released the10th we are seeing an massive increase of users. We are making progress, Hallelujah…!

We know that we need to grow further to get that awesome experience of quickly finding other players. So just by continuing to creating your games there, setting up your team and looking for groups Gridom will soon stand on it´s feet kicking ass! :wink:

We´ve had some really great feedback from some of you guys, Thanks!

Also some really cool groups have been created, some hardcore teams and even a couple of NoobCamp groups!

All this means a lot to me and my friend and we´ll continue to work day and night to spread the word and listen to your ideas. We might even have a new feature that will speed up the site for finding other gamers, hopefully we´ll have it ready for the weekend.

Anyways for those of you wondering what I´m bubbling about here is the thread:

Yeah and anyone looking for a beginner support player just add my gamertag: Porcupine Tree

Kudos to everyone…