You got a challenge for me? Bring it on!


For my Youtube series called THE BEAST, I take challenges from the community and see if I can complete them. If you’ve got a challenge in mind just comment below and see if your challenge will be the next episode. Live Long and Game on!

Here are the first 3 episodes:

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Win using only pounce. I will allow skills for traversal. But only traversal.


I challenge you to do a Gallon Milk challenge! :smiley:

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Make a topic on this site about how broken the game is without it getting closed.


Already tried it drunk and it didn’t end pretty lol

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I’ll consider it. It’s definitely a good one :slight_smile:




Yep that’s basically what happened xD



Fairly easy one, but kill every Mammoth bird on sight.

If it crosses your vision, it must die immediately.

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And you have to melee it. No abilities :slight_smile: Endure the Pain master Wayne.


play with one hand tied behind your back. use whatever abilities you want or whatever, but if you play on pc you have to alternate between mouse and keyboard and if you play console you have to hunt-and-peck buttons.


Hmm I like that. It sounds like it’d be a challenge >:3

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I play on PC and that’s just suicide xD


I heard from a very credible source that you can actually die from that


Win the game without using any skills, not even on wildlifes. You can do everything else.

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I wanna see the evolve while in dome challenge done again. :smile:

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haha I could do that. I just pick where to get domed and use cover to my advantage. Also I have a drawing request if you don’t mind :see_no_evil:


Throw it at me. :smirk:


Behemoth using only Rock Wall and Tongue Grab. No Fissure or Lava bomb. :smiley: