You can't pause an Evacuation campaign? Seriously?


I was playing an Evacuation custom campaign with friends. We all decided
to take a 5 minute break to piss, some smoke, one went to swap laundry
in the wash/dryer, etc.

By the time two of us made it back to our PCs after a round had ended
and we all got up the game was dropping characters afk from the
dropship. Wow.

The game continued the campaign without any ready prompt from another
player. Sure enough we learned that you can’t pause a campaign at any
time, it will continue without stopping no matter what and the only
choice you have is to give up your character’s control to a bot.

This is unacceptable, really. How can a game continue without any
player prompt at all? No ready up checklist between rounds at all? For
an hour long (or longer) campaign it can be insufferable to not get a
break if you need one. This needs to be fixed.


This would be a welcome feature. I approve.