You cannot pre-purchase EVOLVE via Steam in Russia


The publisher says it is the Steam who sets the prices. The Steam says talk to the publisher. Can someone explain?


So you can’t purchase it at all or is it not showing the price?


Everything’s broken there, but there’s a workaround. You can check it here: You want us to pre-order yet you do not let us to pre-order


To answer, the game publishers set the price on steam games. Period.

Steam used to set them, but for the longest time now their policy has made it the Publisher’s responsibility.


The problem is that the prices are set, but the buying buttons are disabled/not available.


Yeah I dunno, I couldn’t help in that regard. I was just clarifying the “The publisher says it is the Steam who sets the prices. The Steam says talk to the publisher.” part of it, more for other people.


As far as I m concerned, steam acts as an advisor when it comes to prices. It has huge amount of sales data for every region and has all the optimal prices figured out, so if the publisher wants to maximise profits, he’d better take the advice.


I dont know but it could be because of the currency exchange issue happening in Russia ATM. Though if you can buy other games then prob not


Then why Evolve is the only game on the market affected by this “issue”? Besides, Russia isn’t the only country denied pre-purchase, it’s the whole of CIS region.

There is a way to buy the game via Steam using url shenanigans that will allow you to add the game to cart in the US(or any other) section of the store and buy it in the local section. People are, however, wary of the alleged risks of getting banned for this, so it’s a nonsolution for those who prefer to play it safe.

I’m baffled at the fact that TRS and 2K haven’t released a single statement on the matter. With PSN store they at least acknowledged the issue…


This is it, probably.
Most countries have a “standard” price for AAA games. In USA it’s 60 USD, in Norway it 450 kroner(57 USD) and so on.
In some countries games arn’t worth nearly as much, as an example Russia, so for a publisher to sell their game, they have to lower the price, which leads to people and sites buying keys and selling them to other countries.
One if the reasons games still have regional locks.


Oh, I am so happy that I managed to pre order Evolve right after sales started! I think the same problem was with GTA V preorder - there was no price till last week. Now the price is 2000 rub (something like 30$) which is, if i am right, less than in other countries


It used to be 2500rub, which might indicate that publishers, if anything, will want to further keep the prices level or even lower them.

The keys are region-locked anyway. VPN and proxy activation is risky and will probably get your steam acc banned.

Russia is a huge market, check Steam download stats, where weekly traffic equals to that of Canada, Brazil, Australia and several European countries combined. Steam’s goal is to get as much profits as humanly possible out of this market, and considering the PPP there is low, the optimal price is also low compared to other markets. Steam is one single most powerful weapon against piracy in the region. Trust me, Steam has changed the way Russians approach gaming A LOT in the recent years.


Once again, somebody has to, so I guess I’ll do it.

In Soviet Russia, Evolve pre-orders you!


I just checked, and yes it’s 1999 rub (30 usd)


Thank you. Pre-purchase is now available.